Video/Coronalvirus in Italy: Let the stay-at-home order be total

Video/Coronalvirus in Italy: Let the stay-at-home order be total

Sunday, March 15, 2020 4:01 pm

Foluke Olulade-Ajayi.

By Foluke Okadele Ajayi/Verona, Italy

Mrs Foluke Okadele Ajayi, a Nigerian, an accountant by training, is an events manager in Verona, Italy. She once worked with TheNEWS/PMNEWS as an intern when she was in Nigeria. She bares her mind on the Coronavirus pandemic and the stay-at-home order issued by the Italian government. She and her husband live in Italy.


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Below is the transcript of her video

I just want to let you all know that you should keep praying for Italy, because of the outbreak of coronavirus. If you know you’re truly my friend, or you are my family and you are not resident in Italy but you feel you are not concerned because you are not involved, then, you’re not a family, you’re not a friend.
Please keep praying for those of us in Italy, keep praying for China, keep praying for France, Germany, Austria, Spain, and all the countries that are involved. Keep praying for everyone. People are dying every day, we have been asked to stay indoors, we are not allowed to go out, but you can only go to work. What is the essence of going to work when a member of a family could go to work and contract it?
Somebody should just talk to the Italian government to ask everybody to stay at home. There is no reason to ask anyone to go to work. If they really want to curb this outbreak, no reason to go to work. Let everybody stay at home. Let everybody manage whatever he has at home, let us stop going out. We should listen to what the government says.
My fear is that they should allow everyone to stay at home, no more going to work. That is the only way they can curb the spread of this virus, because they released a law that you can go to work, that if you have an emergency, if you have to go to the supermarket, one member of the family can go, or if you have health issues and you have to go and get drugs, all these activities should stop.
There are videos people share, videos of people inside the bus of how people purposely rob their saliva on the poles that other people can contract it. You never can tell maybe you or anyone else will be the next victim, it could be me, it could be you. So, let everyone stay at home, there should be no more work.
I’m even afraid because my husband goes to work every day. How will we curb the spread of the virus when people are still going to work? Please, let us keep praying that God should heal the land. How sad it is to know that the virus has killed the entire people in some families.
This period, we need your prayer, we need your care. Please keep praying for Italy.
Even when you call the number of ambulance, it keeps ringing without anyone attempting to pick the call because they have many people to attend to. I am very sure they attend to the white people before they attend to the blacks, because their feeling now is that the virus does not affect the blacks. But, from the information I received this morning, a black person died in Napoli. I dont know if that is true or not. We cannot say it does not kill black people, because our blood system has changed to that of white people. Some of our children we give birth to here, even when they are not white in colour, their blood system is more like that of the white.
Don’t let us reason that coronavirus cannot affect black people, we never can tell, black people might even have died from it and they will not even mention it because we don’t really mean anything to them.
So, please let us stop going out to stop the spread, everybody should stay at home, we’ll manage whatever we have. Even if they don’t want to pay salaries for people who stay at home, they should not worry. It’s when one is alive that he can enjoy his salary.
The authorities concerned should ensure that no one should go to work anymore, because one could easily contract the virus at work from anyone carrying it. They took this thing with levity from the beginning, now, look at how it has spread. Over 10,000 people have been infected and over 700 have died and we don’t know how many more people will die.
Africa, please, keep praying for Italy, keep praying for China, keep praying for the world. I am saying this because I am an African. Don’t let us say because I am an African, it cannot affect me.
Some churches are still opening for service, whereas they have cancelled all public gatherings for the next three weeks. But some churches observed the directive for just a week and then opened for service again, I don’t know if it’s because of tithes or offerings. Let us stop all church activities for now, stay at home and pray to God. Those pastors opening churches for service do that for their self benefit. Let us henceforth obey the law of the land. The Bible says we should give what belongs to Caesar, to Caesar. Caesar is now telling us to stay at home. We can pray to God wherever we are. A pastor can conduct service from his house and members can follow online. We should not be gullible and take things for granted. You can go to church and testify only when you’re alive.
During this period, please let us be wise, let us take precision, let us stay indoors. No visiting of anyone, nobody should come and visit me and I will not visit anybody this period. I don’t want to lose anyone because he did not listen.
I am into event management, but since this issue came up, I have been temporarily out of business. I am broke but I don’t care because I know I will bounce back when this issue is over.
No one should organise any celebration for one until the whole thing is over. Carry your birthday forward. I know it is not funny when you have planned for an event but something affects the set date and you have to postpone the date. We have no control over this.
So, all church activities should stop for now, especially African churches here in Verona. Those offerings for the three weeks will not stop the churches from moving forward
Let us manage whatever we have at home for now. I was not used to eating spaghetti, but whenever I run out of foodstuffs, I will eat spaghetti, I have no choice.

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