MFM: How a messenger helped Pastor Olukoya to acquire PhD

Pastor Olukoya and his wife


By Tunde Ogundele 

Every destiny that is not helped will be stranded, so the saying goes among Christians. In other words, people need destiny helpers to fulfill their mission on earth.  Dr. D.K Olukoya, General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracles, in his book, “Beat the Best and Be the Best” narrates how a messenger helped him while he was pursuing his Ph.D.



“In the year 1979, I had an experience which changed the course of the history of my life. I managed to go through university education even my father was so poor that he had to borrow money to pay my first school fees.

Some years later, I came out with first class degree in Microbiology from the University of Lagos. There was a desire in my heart to go for further studies. In fact, my desire was to go abroad, but my poor father could not afford it.

I was going through one of the daily newspapers one day, when I spotted an information concerning Commonwealth Scholarship. I copied the information, prepared my application, included my credentials and went to the Ministry of Education.

Unfortunately, when I got there, the Lady I met at the gate laughed at me and said, “You are a JJC( Johnny Just Come). You don’t even know that the Commonwealth Scholarship closed over two months ago. What have you been doing? Why don’t you go back home and forget the whole idea?

Cold sweat covered my face and my hands as I knew that it would take a scholarship for me to go further academically and win the fight against poverty.

While I was waiting in confusion, a messenger came to me where I was standing and asked: ”Young man, what is your problem?” I told him that I have come to submit my application for the Commonwealth Scholarship. The man surprised me when he said, “just wait for me, I am sent on an errand by one of the officers, when I am through, I will talk to you”. 

After a few minutes, the messenger came back. When he discovered that I made a First class in Microbiology, he was moved. He said; Let me tell you the truth, Commonwealth Scholarship has closed. In fact, it closed two months ago, but I am going to do you a favour. I will go up and beg my boss to help you by all means.”

The messenger came back and collected the application from me. By divine twist, the officer in charge accepted my application and put it among the forms that have been prepared for dispatch. 

Some months after this, to my surprise, I received a letter stating that I had won a Commonwealth Scholarship for a doctorate degree in the United Kingdom. The encounter with the messenger was used by God to move my destiny forward. There was no way I could have paid for overseas studies.

I never saw that messenger again until 29 years later. I received a note during our power must change hands programme in 2008. The writer of the note described himself as the messenger who helped me in 1979. I remembered and asked the man to be brought in instantly.

When he came in, I was moved. I remembered that if not for his intervention, I would not have gone for further studies. Although the man had grown old, I could still recognise his face, introduced him to all my pastors saying: “Meet the man who moved my destiny forward “

I pray for you, you will meet the person that will move your destiny forward in the month of March.”