Disaster! 70 trapped as coronavirus quarantine hotel collapses in China

The collapsed hotel. 

Another complication occurred today over the war against coronavirus when a hotel being used as a quarantine centre in the Chinese city of Quanzhou crumbled, trapping about 70 people.

However, according to a BBC report, about 40 of the 70 “have been pulled from the rubble of the five-storey Xinjia Hotel.”

Videos posted online, the report indicates, show emergency workers combing through the building’s wreckage in the southern province of Fujian.

BBC has it further: “It is not clear what caused the collapse or if anyone has died.

It happened at about 19:30 local time (11:30 GMT).

Chinese state media says the hotel was being used as a quarantine facility monitoring people who had had close contact with coronavirus patients.

The hotel reportedly opened in 2018 and had 80 guest rooms.”

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