Weststar, Utobras Unveil Mercedes-Benz Comil Campione Invictus 1200

Weststar, Utobras Unveil Mercedes-Benz Comil Campione Invictus 1200

Friday, February 28, 2020 3:29 pm

Mercedes-Benz Comil Campione

By Daniels Ekugo

 Weststar Associates Limited, the authorised general distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Nigeria and Utobras Nigeria Limited, the authorised representative of Comil buses in the country, have jointly unveiled the all new Mercedes-Benz Comil Campione Invictus 1200 bus to the Nigerian market.

A statement by Oluwatobi Abimbola, the Social Media Assistant, Weststar, described the Campione Invictus 1200 bus as the solution to the long distance road lines.

The statement hinted that the bus comes with an advanced concept in its body design and architecture while highlighting a modern design with curves and more fluid lines following current trends in the automotive industry.

Following the tradition and reputation of the Brazilian bus operators, which spans over 70 years, the statement said Comil has made products that come with the highest quality materials, which also follow the latest design trends in the bus industry.

The companies said that their key selling point however was the cost effectiveness, stressing that bus operators in Nigeria could now increase their fleet with the quality they required for their businesses without breaking the bank.

The statement quoted Mr. Mirko Plath, Managing Director, Weststar Associates Limited as commending the collaboration with Utobras Nigeria Limited.

Plath emphasised that Weststar was committed to providing the best products in a bid to aid the transport system in the country, assuring that bus operators would benefit immensely in the Mercedes-Benz Comil combination.

The Mercedes-Benz Comil Campione Invictus 1200 bus with the Mercedes-Benz O 500 RSD chassis comes with high quality materials, an ever-reliable power train and designs from the latest trends in the bus industry.

All these come at a more competitive price. It is now available for immediate order courtesy Weststar Associates Limited and Utobras Nigeria Limited.

The Mercedes-Benz Comil Campione Invictus 1200 bus comes with the traditional robustness and durability of the Comil line, it also features new coverings, expanded passenger access, a large glass area and a cabin with improved ergonomics for the driver.

The bus comes with a capacity to carry up to 24 tonnes, a length of up to 14 meters long, a width of about 2.6 meters and is built on the ever-reliable Mercedes-Benz 0 500 RSD bus chassis developed for middle- and long-distance travel.

The exterior of the Campione Invictus 1200 bus comes with standout features like the headlamp set with LED daytime lighting which comes in an exclusive Comil design.

It also complies with DRL (daytime running light) legislations in major markets. The rear lights also get a new design and they are divided into two parts, with full Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting.

The front view has been re-shaped to blend with modern design trends, which gives the bus a more rounded and dynamic design with lower drag coefficient and less air resistance. The front water flow is another key feature in the exterior design.

The interior of the Campione Invictus 1200 bus features a new partition with a curved glass door, which could be equipped with a reinforced partition wall, this improves the use of the cabin space and the spaciousness of the hall.

There is also improved ergonomics and space for the driver as the cab is better optimised and designed to comfortably serve drivers with above average height

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