Stop buying and selling under high-tension wires, IBEDC warns

Engineer John Ayodele, COO, IBEDC


The management of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company has again appealed to its esteemed customers and the general public within its franchise area to stop buying and selling under high tension wires.

The Chief Operating Officer, Engr. John Ayodele who gave this advice in Ibadan, said, the danger of trading under such wires far outweighs the profits of any business transaction.

Engr. Ayodele further explained that, due to weight of the wires and fire outbreaks the wires could snap or sag thereby causing electrical shockthat could lead to disabilities, life threatening injuries or even death. He said, the safest distance to the wires is 5.5 meters or 11 steps away.

Engr. Ayodele also advised the public to observe these safety rules to avoid electrocution or any kind of electrical accident:

  • Always stay clear of electrical installations, overhead wires, snapped/cut wires and pole.
  • Do not attempt to reconnect your residence to the electricity grid by yourself or using quarks.
  • Report any fallen poles, sagging wires to the nearest IBEDC Office
  • Always enlist the services of a NEMSA certified electrician for new house connections to the power grid.