Ultimate Love: 24 things to know about the new TV reality show

Ultimate Love: 24 things to know about the new TV reality show

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 2:41 pm

ULove Contestants

Ultimate Love, the new television reality show of Multichoice Nigeria was launched Sunday, 9 February 2020.

Just like Big Brother series, Ultimate Love broadcast live, 24/7 while the live Nomination and Check-out show will air every Sunday at 7:30pm Nigerian time.

There will also be highlight of the show every show Saturday.

Below are 24 other things to know about the show.

1. What is the Ultimate Love reality TV show?

Ultimate Love is a first-of-its-kind reality TV show created by MultiChoice. It involves single male and female strangers living together in an isolated location with the hopes of finding life-long love. They are paired based on their mutual attraction to one other and will compete for who emerges as the ultimate couple. The couples will interact daily with a counsellor referred to as ‘Aunty’ as they embark on their journey to love.

2. Is this like a match-making or dating game show?

Ultimate Love is not your average dating game show. This show digs deep into the rich and diverse cultural norms and nuances in Nigeria. It aims to showcase relationships and highlight topical areas such as courtship, traditions & practices, values & morals and societal challenges. The show will also seek to change the narrative about love & marriage in contemporary times.

3. What is the grand prize for the winning couple?

The winning couple will be rewarded with a lavish traditional wedding ceremony and a house – if they commit to getting married. They will also get a cash prize of N5 million.

4. What is the Love Pad?

The Love Pad is where the contestants are housed. In there, they will be continuously monitored by live television cameras and personal audio microphones whilst they carry out daily tasks, compete in weekly challenges and perform other themed activities.

5. Where is the Love Pad located?

The Love Pad is within a specially built ultra-modern facility located in Nigeria.

6. Who is ‘The Aunty’?

She is the central figure on the show. She serves as a mentor and coach and is often the voice of reason as the love guests will get to see her and interact with her in the Love Pad. Her job is to help them find their perfect partner and provide them with counsel where necessary.

7. Will Aunty be in the Love Pad 24/7?

No. She will only be in the Love Pad at specific times. However, the contestants will be able to communicate with her at any time through a device kept in an area known as the ‘Mail Box’.

8. Who is playing the role of ‘Aunty’?
Veteran media personality and magazine publisher, Adesuwa Onyenokwe

9. Who is the ‘Parent Figure’?

Each contestant will identify a Parent Figure before they enter. This Parent Figure will be their confidant throughout their stay in the Love Pad; someone they can trust and connect with outside the house for relationship advice and guidance. This Parent Figure will not only be their shoulder to cry on, but also the ever-watching critical ‘parent’. If they don’t like what they are getting up to in the Love Pad, they will let them know.

10. What is the Chat Room?

The Chat Room is a secluded area of the Love Pad where the contestants will be called into at a set time throughout the week. In there, they will be able to ‘communicate’ with their loved one(s) and their parent figures in the outside world. However, they will be given three options on how to do so

11. How long will the winning couple be given to get married?

The winning couple will be given six months after the show to consolidate their marriage plans. They must also have stayed together for one year after marriage to win the house.

12. What if the winning couple decide not to get married?

If this happens for whatever reason, they will forfeit the traditional wedding and the house but will still get the cash prize and other prizes.

13. What makes Ultimate Love unique?

• The integration of the outside world. We allow the contestants access to the outside world, through the Real-World Missions, Parent Figure and Chat Room.

• The Chat Room is a space that is utilized frequently for the residents to reach out to the outside world.

• The Parent Figure is a real-life person, selected by each resident, to support and provide guidance throughout the residents’ stay in the Love Pad.

• Nominations and Eliminations are conducted on the same evening (Sunday Live Show) with the final nomination list announced Tuesday night.

• Local culture is integrated throughout the show.

14. Who is the host of the show?

There will be two hosts on the first season of Ultimate Love: Nollywood actress, Dakore Egbuson-Akande and Media personality & Compere, Oluwaseun Olaniyan

Questions About the Contestants:

16. When and where did the auditions hold?

The first round of auditions held online from 22 November to 5 December 2019, followed by physical auditions in Port Harcourt (6 & 7 December), Abuja (9 & 10 December) and Lagos (12 & 13 December).

17. Who qualified for the auditions?
Auditions were open to Nigerian men and women aged 23+ who are single, searching and open to the adventure the show will bring.

18. What will the contestants be called?

They will be referred to as ‘Love Guests’.

19. How many love guests will be on the show?

For the maiden edition, 16 singles – eight men and eight women. After two weeks of getting to know each other, they will form couples and remain together for the rest of their time on the show. However, twists and surprises can be introduced at any time as it is a reality TV show.

20. How will the love guests be eliminated?

Viewers will get to vote off their least favourite couple every week. The elimination process on the show is referred to as ‘Check-out’.

21. Will the love guests be able to contact their families whilst inside the Love Pad?

Yes, inside the Chat Room. The Chat Room will present the contestants the opportunity to have a one-way communication with their loved ones outside the Love Pad. However, they will be given options on how to do so.

22. What kind of activities will they be involved in?

Each day will be structured with routine jobs and challenges, all designed to help the singles find the perfect partner and then to put that new-found love through its paces. The core themes throughout the show will be LOVE and CULTURE. These themes are the fabric of the house and will be woven throughout the weekly challenges that the couples need to participate in.

23. Will the cameras capture the love guests in every area of the Love Pad?

Yes, with exceptions to the toilet and bathroom facilities.

24. What are the general rules of conduct for Ultimate Love?

The love guests will be given a rule book which they must adhere to. Some of the rules include zero tolerance to violence, non-use of abusive language and what items they can bring into the Love Pad.

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