Late Chima: Police Chief Pathologist faults claim of previous autopsy

Chima: allegedly tortured to death by police

Police Chief Pathologist, Stephen Musa, has said there was no evidence of any of autopsy conducted on the remains of late Chima Ikwunado, the auto-mechanic allegedly tortured to death  in the cell of the infamous E-crack Squad of Rivers State Police Command.
“Anybody that knows process of autopsy will recognize a dead body that have gone through the process of autopsy. The body before me that I examined as of a pathologist shows no dissection that would suggest an autopsy to me, there was no autopsy,” Musa said.
Musa conducted the autopsy on the remains of late Chima alongside Colnel Chukwuegbu, the pathologist hired by the deceased’s family.

The Police pathologist however assured the family and all stakeholders crying for justice for the  Chima and Ikokwu 4 that the autopsy now conducted was in line with international best practices and will eventually reveal the actual cause of death of the deceased.

However, the Pathologist hired by the family said only one report will be written from the autopsy, noting that it will be an abuse of ethical practice to produce different results from the same process.

Ikokwu 4 on their way to court

He, however, assured the family that he will also authenticate the result before it will be public.

He assured that the result will be ready in 10 days.

Kelvin, father of the deceased was among 12 persons allowed into the morgue of the UPTH to view and identify the remains of late Chima.

After identifying the remains of his son, the father of the late auto -mechanic broke down in tears, lamenting that the late Chima was butchered beyond recognition in detention.

He said, “Those who butchered my son body never gave him room to live and they were not human beings because he must begged them to let him live, that he was innocent, but they refused. I hope the result of autopsy will not be tampered with.”

He noted that there were obvious machete cuts, broken hands and open wounds on the deceased’s remains.

Kelvin also said everything must be done to ensure justice for his son and the unborn child.


It can be recalled that the Rivers Police Command, following controversies that trail Ikwunado’s death in detention, had through its spokesman, DSP Nnamdi Omoni, claimed that autopsy conducted on the remains of the auto-mechanic showed that he died of “high blood sugar.”
However, the four men arrested and detained alongside the late Ikwunado over alleged theft of two cars disputed the claim after their release from custody.
The four men who also came out of detention with various wounds on their bodies, said their late colleague died from torture inflicted on them by officers of the E-Crack Squad of Rivers Police Command when they were in their custody.