2023: Why PDP will not talk about zoning now – Secondus

Prince Uche Secondus, PDP National Chairman

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said it was at the moment concerned with rebuilding the party than zoning of 2023 presidential ticket of the party.
The National Chairman of PDP, Mr Uche Secondus, told newsmen on Thursday in Abuja, that the party was preparing itself to win election in the future, while the issue of zoning would be looked into at the appropriate time
“Today we are more concerned in rebuilding our party.  When the time comes for the nomination of a Presidential candidate the party will come out with its position.
“You know the Constitution allows everybody, whether you are from north, whether you are from south to contest.
“No one is going to stop anyone from contesting even when it is zoned to a particular region, and I have been talking about in the past.
“So, every person still has a right to contest; so, if you are qualified and desire to run for the office of the President you are free to contest,” Secondus said.
When asked if the party was considering a merger, Secondus said it could happen if there was need for it.
“Why not, when the time comes, if there is need for people to pull their resources and pull their strength together, it can happen, it is possible.
“Our focus is in making sure that our party is strong and viral and ready to win elections.
Secondus said that the party’s national leaders were working hard with its members and leaders in Edo, to win the state forthcoming governorship election.
“We are working very hard in Edo state. We met with the leadership and stakeholders of Edo state last week.
“I believe that our people are coming together, very strong and you are aware that state belongs to PDP before the APC took it from us. So we are working hard to regain Edo,” he said.