Why they hate Harry and Meghan

Why they hate Harry and Meghan

Saturday, January 25, 2020 5:11 pm


Harry, right, and Meghan

By Tunde Asaju

They don’t like Prince Harry and they hate Meghan Merkel. Yet, Harry fell in love with Meghan. They could hardly come to terms with it. Harry has made his choice. Before he met Meghan, Harry was broken. Broken by a system ossified in stiff tradition of a people struggling to determine whether to stay in 519AD or live in 2020. Islanders! In marrying Meghan, Harry broke cardinal rules, which in 519AD could have led to death or banishment. Before we go there, let us look at Harry the broken kid. Prince Charles his father was brought up in the best traditions of royalty, stiff as a pole, he committed a crime not lawful for royals – falling in love with a commoner by the name Camilla. 

The palace thought they could fix him. They almost did, finding him a rosey-cheeked lassie named Diana and hoping that love would fertilize between the two. It almost worked out. Diana loved the common people; the Prince loved to rule them. The monarchy ruled people. In a relationship between servants and their lords, the tree of love hardly finds a fertile soil. 

The duo broke their backs trying to be what they wanted them to be. The tabloids fed on their feud. Their biological needs produced two ruddy children because the Prince’s heart never left his first love – Camila. Soon, the Princess was breaking rules. Two were playing that game. She found love in the arms of an Egyptian almost ingesting the – one drop rule, an abomination in the 6th Century. 

An abomination that heated up the palace and fed the tabloids like yeast on dough. Patriachy ignored the Prince and trapped the Princess to the death. As the world mourned, the offspring carried unseen scars. Harry, being the youngest must have hated the world for what it did to his mother – denying him his mother’s love. 

But blue-blooded princes are not allowed to carry scars. They must carry on as if nothing happened. If Prince Harry is a rebel, he picked the genes of rebellion from both parents. He coveted independence. While dainty princesses and elegant daughters of nobles were set up for him, Harry resolved to find his true love. He loved the free life and  the wild parties that go with it. In the royal army, he coveted equal treatment instead of the privilege of a coward. He flew and fought and cared for his comrades. In a chanced party, he found his Meghan; a divorcee, two years his senior, rudy as a rose, broken as a horse, and sanguine as they come with the abominable scar of the one-drop rule. 

In her exquisite beauty, Meghan carries that drop of blackness inherited from her mother and gladly identify as a woman of colour. Harry found Meghan like a puzzler finds the missing part of a jigsaw. When Harry introduced Meghan, he was not seeking royal approval – he was saying it’s this one and none other. He could have tied the knot without a soul present but he humoured his father and honoured his grandmother – both steeped in royal tradition. They knew they had to hold their tongue and let them love, but commoners’ thought – what an affront! Their grande wedding was the talk of the town, but the couple showed they were in charge. It was 2018 and they let the rainbow in to the fury of the stiff nobles and the lord of the tabloids. Subsequently, they’ll peck and heckle on every presumed fault – of the woman. Like a true Prince, Harry would  give his life for his love and his son and to prevent lightening from striking twice. Prince Harry has watched as his lovely wife was being turned into a hunted ghost. 

No man condones that. Betrayed by fairweather friends who milk their closeness for the salacious details of royal scrimmage, they opted out. Like a chivalrous prince, Harry did what is best for his family and their young son – Harixit. Britain is a big bang; an empire that once ruled two thirds of the world with a vow that the sun would never set on its greatness. But since it had to stand still for Joshua, the sun has vowed to rise and set as it pleases. Harry knew better than to kick against the goads of the monarchy. The worms that feed on the carrion of royal tattle would have to pay more to find out what Harry ate for dinner. 

The young Prince has dropped all encumbrances, took his princess and moved to Canada. They announced they’d henceforth pick their own tabs from the sweat of their brows as recommended in the holy books. It is a choice that modern society demands of its elected leaders. It is shocking that it rankles royal vultures who peck on the palace’s salacious and the incredulous. Harry is every inch a better man than most of his hecklers would never be. Meghan is stronger than those who accuse her of leading a grown man astray. From the days of Eve, women have controlled men! The vultures of racism are up in arms against two reasonable adults making a decision on their own future. The right-wing establishment wants to keep them subjugated but the duo has wriggled free. 

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