In Picture: Ganduje’s Hypocrisy

Governor Ganduje and a woman in a plane

Here is Kano Governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje who ordered that women and men should not sit together inside a tricycle. He sits beside a woman in a plane. People are asking does the law expempt a couple?

Uwuma Precious has this to say abou the picture: “So Gov. Ganduje proposed a gender segregation policy where male and females in Kano will no longer be allowed to board the same keke and Nigerians quickly dug up and circulated pictures of Ganduje sitting beside a woman in a plane. How people do these things easily is as puzzling as it’s amusing. 

“There’s a reason Nigerian leaders since Goodluck Jonathan are obsessed with regulating the social media, they know their ultimate downfall will come via the unfettered democratization of citizen journalism using the SM. Nigerians have no chill deploying that tool to not only expose the hypocrisy of their leaders but in their impotence, lend a redemptive retort to the violation of their existence by these unconscionable beings. Social media might as well be their Calvary, someday.”


Photo Credit: Ejiro Roman Adigbo