Adekunle Fajuyi emerges from the tomb! Strikes at EKIFEST 2019

L-R: Fajuyi and Ironsi

By Wale Ojo Lanre

IRONSI: Francis, what is happening? Sporadic shootings…what’s happening?

FAJUYI: J.T.U, I don’t know…but I suspect a mutiny. We are militarily cut off. All my guards have been changed overnight without my knowledge. I have gone downstairs to see what is happening. I ordered all loyal men to appear, the boys down there only bowed their heads in respect but refused to respond to my order.

IRONSI: A northern coup?

FAJUYI: Maybe!

IRONSI: Is this how you will reward my trust in you?

FAJUYI: Ironside, believe me, I have no hand in this. I am a true son of Ekiti. I am a true son of Isaiah Fajuyi; the great hunter. He taught me that a hunter never betrays his colleague. I am the grand son of Adebolu: the great warrior who taught me loyalty and discipline. I am the great grand son of Ewi Adewumi; the 20th Ewi of Ado Ekiti and Oduduwa is my progenitor. My background is too noble to betray a friend. J.T.U, tonight, whatever happens to you happens to me.


Watch “Ifajuyigbe” (story of the late Lt.Col. Adekunle Fajuyi) written and directed by Rasaki Ojo Bakare.

Presenration will be on Thursday, 12 December, 2019 at Abiodun Adetiloye Hall, Iyin Road, Ado-Ekiti. It is the command performance for Ekiti Festival for Arts and Culture.