IST: Workers celebrate, thank God for sack of executive chairman

IST: Workers celebrate, thank God for sack of executive chairman

Saturday, November 2, 2019 8:56 am


Workers at the Investment and Security Tribunal, IST on Friday gathered in their office in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory to celebrate and thank God for the exit of  former Executive Chairman of the organisation, Barrister Isaiah Ako.

“Today, we are coming here to thank God and the Federal Government,  especially the President of the nation, Muhammadu Buhari, the Minister of Finance, the Permanent Secretary and other government executives that helped to rescue IST from bad leadership,” Mr Benjamin Anthony, the National President of Amalgamated Union of Public Corporation Civil Service and Recreational Services Employees (AUPCTRE) told journalist in a celebration at the IST headquarters on Friday in Abuja.

He added that the former Executive Chairman was not leading the people in accordance to the ‘laws of the land and with the law of God.’ and seemed bent on destroying the organisation and careers of the union’s members.

“We are praying and also asking, we have a lot of them in so many MDAs, that the government should look at those tyrants,  corrupt people, take them off their seats so Nigeria can move forward. ”

The union advised the incoming acting Chairman to desist from act that will jeopardise and hinder the growth of the agency and the country.

“Thank God he was a witness to what happened between the two years, and we have talked to him.

“We have advised him that you are here to work for government, you are not here to work for yourself, work for Nigeria.

“IST has a lot of cases on ground that will generate a lot of money to the country, concentrate on that and take care of the welfare of your staff

“If you want to come and take away the fund of IST, it is public fund that is where we are not going to agree.

“This union, AUPCTRE is known for fighting corruption and we are not going to lose focus on that.”

Mr Ikechukwu Ogwu, Chairman AUPCTRE, IST branch said the workers were excited when Mr Isaiah Idoko-Ako was appointed Chairman of IST because of his experience.

According to him, the unlawful behaviour of Idoko-Ako towards the welfare of the workers engendered the outcry.

“We never wish the former Chairman of IST evil, we never wish for him to leave the way the way he left.

“When he came, we received him with open arms, based on the fact that he had worked with the SEC, a sister organisation to IST.

“We said this is a man who knows the capital market very well, and is a seasoned lawyer.

“But he started off on a very wrong note, threatened us with mass sack, he filled this place with people he seconded from other agencies and rendered our staff redundant.

For his part, Mr Diepribo Briggs, Vice chairman FCT council said the celebratory atmosphere in IST is a reflection of the mood of the workers, who came together, contributed money to celebrate.

“We give thanks to President Buhari, who listened to us, who saw our plight and decided to remove him after several indictments,” he said.

NAN recalls that the Minister of Finance, Hajia Zainab Ahmed had earlier ordered the suspension of Mr Isaiah Idako-Ako, who according to her, had been a cog in the wheel of the progress of IST.

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