Businessman drags 2 housewives to court

Businessman drags 2 housewives to court

Monday, September 30, 2019 4:16 pm


A businessman, Shola Bukola, 36, of Mando, Kaduna State, on Monday dragged two housewives, Maman Nana and Maman Prince, to an Upper Customary Court sitting in Daura Road, Kaduna, for allegedly locking up his wife’s hairdressing saloon.

Bukola said that about seven months ago he came back from a journey and discovered that his wife left his house with his three children and his money.

He also said that he went to their house, but she and her mother had left the house.

“While we were living together, I rented a shop for her where she does a hairdressing business; I bought all the equipment in the shop in my name.

“On July 1, the landlady called me that the rent of the shop had lapsed even though I paid for the complete year through my wife, I went and open the shop to pack my belongings, I took only a stabiliser.

“When I went the next day to pack the rest of the belongings, the shop was locked with different padlocks, I called the landlady and she said she was not the one who locked the shop.

“I wanted to break the padlocks, but Nana came out of the next shop opposite my wife`s, saying that she locked it and that my wife was doing contributions with them and had went away with their money.

“I told her I did not have any business with her and she has no right to lock the shop, she called the vigilance group and took us to their office.

“She called the second defendant and she said that my wife told them that one woman in their church is the head of the contributions which they met and she denied.

“I am praying the court to order them to bring any evidence to show that I have any knowledge about my wife’s engagement in any contribution and to order them unlock the shop for me to pack my belongings.

The second defendant, Prince, told the court that she was not the one who locked his wife’s shop and she was only a victim of his wife’s cheating and prayed the court to take her out of the matter.

“I don’t have anything to do with him, when I find his wife, she must pay me back my money,” she said.

NAN reports that the first defendant, Nana, was absent in court.

NAN also reports that the second defendant, Prince, craved anonymity of her full name, but obliged to be identified as Maman Prince.

The Judge, Titus Ibrahim-juja, after listening to both parties, adjourned the case to Oct. 15 for further hearing and struck out the second defendant out of the matter.

The judge also ordered the first defendant to open the shop, while the complainant to go along with the court personnel to pack his belongings and take inventory.

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