It is Sowore today, it can be any of us tomorrow

Omoyele Sowore

By Francis Oronsaye

I saw a post about Pa Adekunle Ajasin, the late civilian governor of Ondo State in Second Republic, despite having not been found guilty TWICE by the Tribunal, the military regime in 1994, refused to release him. 

Baba wants to appropriate to himself the powers to determine justice, incorruptibility and rightness. The Courts are not to be trusted!

You think these guys are interested in the prosecution of Sowore? They are not. They just want to keep him away for a very long time. After the arrest ,they needed something to justify their actions so as not to be seen as acting arbitrarily. 

They came ex parte and asked for 90 days for investigation. Thankfully the judge only granted 45 days, which they had the option of renewing. Look at the entire charge as filed, does it look like something that is the product of thorough investigation? 

There was nothing new that was not in existence as at the time he was arrested. Now, there is an order for his release and rather than obey, they are dancing in circles like headless Ugbogiobo chickens. 

Those guys don’t want a trial. Don’t be shocked if they add treason (without an OVERT act,though) tomorrow to justify holding him or bringing similar or almost similar charges before another court.

Are we not surprised that since 2015,we have not heard anything about Dasuki’s trial?

They don’t want a trial. By all means,get him to court and if found guilty, I will support the imposition of maximum sentence.

We made all the excuses for El-Zakzaky and Dasuki. It is Sowore today and can be any of us tomorrow.