NiMet predicts rains, thunderstorm for Wednesday

Weather forecast

Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has predicted thunderstorms and rains across the country on Wednesday.

NiMET’s weather outlook on Tuesday in Abuja further predicted some places to be in fine weather.

It forecasts Partly cloudy conditions over Northern States in the morning with chances of thunderstorms over Dutse, Nguru and adjourning cities during afternoon.

According to NiMet, day and night temperatures are expected to be 32 to 33 degree Celsius and 22 to 25 degree Celcius, respectively.

“For Central States, relatively cloudy conditions are anticipated over this region with chances of thunderstorms likely over Minna, Abuja, Ilorin and Mambilla Plateau during the morning hours.

” Later in the day, thunderstorm activities are expected to prevail over Abuja, Jos, Taraba, Kaduna and its environs during the afternoon/evening hours.

“Day and Night temperature values are to be 30 to 31 degree Celsius and 22 to 23 degree Celsius with Jos 16 to 26 degree Celsius,” it said.

The agency envisaged moderate rains are expected to prevail over this region in the morning hours.

It focast thunderstorms/moderate rains likely over the region in the evening with day and night temperatures to be of 29 to 31 degree Celcius and 22 to 24 degree Celsius.