Beijing’s new Tariffs: Trump says U.S. does not need China

Donald Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday, in his Twitter page, said China’s new tariffs creates great opportunity for the U.S. to forge ahead, saying the country does not need China.

Trump pledges to respond to China soonest adding that the country has lost trillions of dollars with China over the years.

“Our country has lost, stupidly, trillions of dollars with China over many years.

“They have stolen our intellectual property at a rate of hundreds of billions of dollars a year and they want to continue.

“I won’t let that happen! We don’t need China and, frankly, would be far better off without them,’’ Trump tweeted.

The remarks come hours after China imposed a new batch of 10 and five per cent tariffs on 75 billion dollar worth of U.S. imports starting from Sept. 1 and Dec. 15, respectively.

The Tariff Committee of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China has decided to introduce additional 10 per cent and 5 per cent tariffs on 75 billion dollar worth of imported U.S. goods.

Washington and Beijing have been engaged in a trade spat since 2018, when President Donald Trump announced tariffs on 50 billion dollar worth of Chinese imports justifying the move by the need to balance the trade deficit. (Sputnik/NAN)