Kogi Governorship: I will provide purposeful leadership, says Abubakar Ibrahim

Abubakar’s Ibrahim

Richard Elesho/ Lokoja

An aspirant for the People’s Democratic Party, PDP ticket in the Nov. 16th Kogi State governorship election, Abubakar Ibrahim has promised to provide purposeful and human centred leadership that will ensure significant improvement in the lives of the ordinary man within a short time, if he is victorious at the polls. Abubakar made the disclosure during an interview with TheNews Sunday.

The aspirant popularly called Abuibro vowed to heat the ground running in implementing his ‘blueprint’ for the state development. He said he will attract the best hands into his government and promised to run a ‘digital and open government.’

“My foray into politics is not about me. it’s about the people of Kogi State. It’s not a hunch or reflex action. It’s a product of deep reflections that took place over a long period of time. I have been worried about the pathetic turn of events in the state and the need to halt the drift. I am not going to be an accidental Governor.

Asked how he hoped to implement his plans for wealth creation amidst pausity of funds and unpaid salaries, he had this to say. “My economic vision is built around agriculture and the vast solid mineral potentials of our State. The two are my areas of core competencies and I hope to bring that to bear. I have achievable plans which will be unwise to real out here. Salaries payment shouldn’t be a brainer. Under me Ir will certainly not be.”

Abubakar, whose father Ibrahim Idris once governed the state denied insinuations that his father was surreptitiously seeking a third term through his aspiration. “I have heard the allegations. Well, Alh. Ibrahim Idris is not looking for a third term. But, I Abubakar is the one looking for a first term. Our people are not that shallow minded.

“My father had tried his best when he was Governor. But we must understand that our destinies are not tied together. No law says I can’t pursue a political ambition just because my father, mother or relative was a Governor. I am qualified and competent. My ambtion was self conceived. I sought My father’s blessings just the way I am seeking the support of other stakeholders. I don’t understand what the hulaballoo Is all about.”

The aspirant urged his fellow contestants to play by the rules. He added that although he is hopeful of winning the primaries and main election, he is not desperate about it. “Politics is not a do or die affair,” he said.