A night of prophesies, testimonies at RCCG Convention

A night of prophesies, testimonies at RCCG Convention

Friday, August 9, 2019 9:15 am

Pastor Adeboye ministering


Bisi Daniels

Following his promise of an assurance of God to speak to the well-being of participants at the 2019 Annual Convention of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Wednesday was devoted to prophecies and testimonies to bolster faith.

The theme of the weekly convention is “And God Said.” And according to Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the church, God had declared that, “All Will Be Well.”

Continuing the previous day’s sermon, when he repeatedly stressed the need to hearken diligently to the word and messages of God, he said God could bespeaking to a crowd but only one person would hearken and he is the one who benefits from the message.

Pastor Folu Adeboye and newly ordained pastors and ministers

He had explained that to hearken is to listen and take God’s command seriously as if your life depends on it because if you don’t you would suffer for it.

“The word hearken is different from ordinary listening. It is to listen intently, paying attention to every detail, every word,” he said.

Illustrating, how only one person in a crowd could hearken to God and be a sole beneficiary of a Word of Knowledge, he cited the case of a messenger, who could not pay his rent, but became a proud owner of a furnished duplex in less than a week:

One of our members, a very young man, came to our watch night programme. As I was ministering, God spoke to me and said that there is someone in the crowd finding it difficult to pay his house rent but in the New Year, he would become a landlord. Even though this man was a messenger, he was perhaps the only one who said “Amen” to the prophecy. Practically, there was no way that prophecy could come to pass. But then, New Year came, and the man went to greet the chairman of his company where he worked.

Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo was also there

The chairman looked at him and said, “Ah, messenger, have I given you anything for the Christmas? Have I given you a New Year gift?

“No sir.”

“Well, Lagos State government was selling some houses and I applied for one which I got but don’t need. Come and collect the keys.”

The chairman gave this young man the keys to the house and the address. The poor messenger was expecting a small flat. When he got to the address, he saw a whole house; and when he went inside, he couldn’t believe all that was his. The following day when he saw his chairman, he didn’t just prostrate, he rolled to the right, and to the left. Afterwards, the chairman asked him, “Messenger, is there any furniture in the house?

“No, sir.”

The chairman said, “I change my furniture every Christmas. The ones I changed last year I don’t even know where to put them. He called one of the drivers of the company to go and load the furniture and take it to this young man’s house.

The congregation

By December 31, this messenger was having problems paying his house rent but within a week, he was living in his own house, sitting on the furniture of his chairman.

Continuing God’s proclamation, he said “All Will Be Well,” should mean different things to different people in the congregation. In each case, he provided a testimony.

Citing Biblical backups, he said “All will be well to the poor means end of poverty and arrival of prosperity because silver and gold are God’s and if one sought His Kingdom and Righteousness, the turnaround would surely come.

Testimony: There was this uncle of mine. He was very poor, so poor he could not afford decent clothing. One day he asked his wife to use her wrapper to make bubaand soro with which he had planned what to do.

He had decided that enough was enough. So, he made up his mind he was going to die but that he was going to do so in style. He planned to go to church where he would sing and dance so much that everybody would notice him, and then come home and commit suicide and everybody would say, “Oh, we didn’t know he was celebrating his departure.”

Fortunately, my uncle was struck by the words of the preacher that fateful Sunday. When the preacher told of how Shedrack, Meshach and Abednego said, “We don’t know how God will deliver us but we know He will,” my uncle changed his mind.

He said “Aaah, I don’t know how God can bring me out this storm, but I refuse to die.”

And the Prince of Peace spoke peace to his storm.

Many dignitaries attended

The day he was sharing his testimony, he had just purchased 14 cars for his company.

Like the woman with the issue of blood, “All will be well” is healing, miraculous healing.

To those who have failed repeatedly in life, it means one major breakthrough that reverses everything.

For those held captive, it means deliverance. God, to whom nothing is impossible, is able to deliver all, even from the mighty.

He said “All will be well” means fruitfulnessto the barren because nothing is too much for God to do.

Testimony:A couple needed a child desperately but doctors told the husband that his wife could not bear children because her womb was closed. During one of our programmes years ago, the Almighty God said, “There is somebody here who has been told you can never have a child, but you are going to have a set of twins.”

The woman jumped up and said, “Glory be to God! That must be me.”

That month, she became pregnant even though the doctor had said it was not possible. A few months after, the doctor examined her again and said, “Well I don’t understand but there is a baby in your womb, I can see it clearly.”

The woman said to the doctor, “No, no, God didn’t say one, God said twins.”

“Hmm, the one we think we are seeing; we are not even sure yet. Well, come back later,” the doctor said.

She went back a month or two later. The doctor declared, “Well, there are two here.”

As the day of delivery drew near, because they were quite well to do and they didn’t want to take any risks, they went abroad for the birth. The hospital did a Caesarian operation on her. When the woman recovered, she noticed everybody looking at her as if she was from Mars.

She asked, “What is the problem, where are my babies?”

They said, “There is nothing wrong with your children, they are fine.”

“So why are you all looking at me like that?” she asked.

“Wait for the doctor,” they answered.

The doctor came and said, “I have performed about 3,000 surgeries, but this is the first time that I have delivered set of twins from a woman without a womb. No womb!”

God produced a set of twins from where there was no womb. When we are talking about God, please let’s put science aside. When we are talking about God, stop thinking of how your brain can explain things. You can never explain God.

Pastor Adeboye further explained that apart from hearkening to the word of God, one also requires faith in the power behind the word; seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and surrendering to Jesus Christ.

The altar call at the end of each sermon by Pastor Adeboye attracted hundreds of people eager to give their lives to Jesus.

Earlier in the morning on Wednesday of the busy Convention week, 5444 students of the Church’s Bible College were graduated.

And as at the evening of that day, 48 babies had been delivered in the church’s medical facility in the Redemption Camp.

*** Please give photo credit to SEGUN KOMOLAFE

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