Selfishness, greed responsible for Nigeria’s woes, cleric says

Selfishness, greed responsible for Nigeria’s woes, cleric says

Sunday, August 4, 2019 11:27 am

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Rev Fr John Fwagos, Assistant Parish Priest, Church of Immaculate Conception,  Zaramaganda, Jos, says selfishness and greed are responsible for the myriad  of challenges facing Nigeria.
Fr Fwagos who stated this in a sermon on Sunday in Jos, said that primitive accumulation of wealth was exacerbating the country’s problems.
The cleric expressed worry that few privileged individuals most times commandeered public resources for their selfish and personal use at the expense of other citizens.
“While I am not justifying the crimes like kidnapping, killings and other vices, sometimes our leaders, through their greed,don’t leave the people with a choice.
“For example, every year universities graduate many youths but there is  no employment for them.
“Resources meant for setting up ventures that would gainfully employ these youths are siphoned and kept somewhere while people are suffering,” he said.
He urged Nigerians, particularly leaders, to be kind and generous to one another in order to obtain God’s favour.
According to the cleric, God rewards kindness and that those who are kind would go to heaven because they are storing treasures for themselves in heaven.
“God is not against genuinely gotten wealth; God wants us to use our wealth to share with other people, especially the poor.
“When you are kind and generous, your sins can be forgiven by God because at the end of the day, judgment will be based on our relationship with one another.
“Whether you are the President, the governor or whatever position you are occupying, judgement will be based our relationship with people,” he said.
Fwagos further said that there was no peace and security in ill-gotten wealth, rather it makes the person always afraid and insecure.
He said that life without God is vanity as owners of money, houses and many other material things would one day die and leave everything behind.

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