Ignore Reps’​ threat to shut Edo Assembly, protesters urge Obaseki

Ignore Reps’​ threat to shut Edo Assembly, protesters urge Obaseki

Thursday, July 18, 2019 2:51 pm

The huge crowd​of protesters


Thousands of protesters under the aiges of Concerned Edo Youths took to major streets of Benin city, Edo State on Thursday, to protest the proposed take over of the Edo State House of Assembly by the House of Representatives.

The protest paralyzed commercial activities and caused a heavy traffic hold up at the Ring Road.

Spokesman of the protesters, Olu Martins, said the order given by the House of Representatives to the Inspector-General of Police, Directorate of Security Service to seal up the State House of Assembly was uncalled for as the matter was already in court.

“Yesterday, some funny looking men from the National Assembly told the Inspector-General​ of Police to take over the Edo State House of Assembly.

“They said it is the National Assembly, so, why is the House of Representatives in a hurry. All legal people have said the matter is in court, and if the matter is in court, we expect the lawmakers to maintain status quo and leave the matter.

“Few years ago, somebody told us no to godfatherism and we are telling him also no to godfatherism. If you do eight years while stop another from not doing the same.

“We are here to say Edo state is working. The guys who came from Abuja, there is a similar thing going on in Bauchi state, but they did not go there. We want to tell them that Edo state is not Lagos state,” he said.

Martins said the people of the state are solidly behind Governor Godwin Obaseki and that nothing can alter that as he is currently turning the state around and should be allowed to continue his good works in the state.

“We all stand with Obaseki and the voice of the people is the voice of God. We the Edo youths from all across, irrespective of the political parties, we all endorse Obaseki for his good work, and we are saying you can not stay in Abuja and collect some money and come here to make one pronouncement.

“Today is to demonstrate to tell Obaseki to forge on, to inform him we stand with him and to tell Obaseki no retreat no surrender,” he added.

Another speaker, Roy Oribhabor said those who have enjoyed eight years, should also give room for others to enjoy their without unnecessary interference.

“It has come to a time where all of us Edo to say Edo belongs to us. Edo is not for sale. Those we elected to represent us have reduced themselves to gatemen. Let us tell the Governor [Obaseki] and Speaker [Okiye] to remain undaunted and focused .

“We will continue to negotiate for what is good. Edo state belongs to all of us. As the Governor said, this is gear two, we will be taking it to gear three and four,” Roy said.

Also, the state APC youth leader, Valentine Aisien, said the state governor should not , himself to be distracted, stressing that those who are behind him are more than those who are against him.

“We are fully in support as APC youths in Edo state that we are with you; that you have a genuine intention for the development of Edo state.

“Obaseki has touched every nooks and crannies of Edo state. So why should we remain ungrateful to him? We must support him so that he can do more. Work is in progress and will continue to be in progress

“We are here to tell him that he should not be distracted by any forces that he should  continue to be focused; as he has always put the interest of the edolites at heart.  We are fully in support of him,” he added.

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