OFBJP Nigeria Celebrates Modi’s Victory in India’s Election

OFBJP Nigeria Celebrates Modi’s Victory in India’s Election

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 12:22 pm

Shri Narendra Damodar Das Modi

OFBJP members

By Daniels Ekugo

The Indian Diaspora gathered in numbers recently to celebrate the re election of India Prime Minister, Modi for the next year’s. The Mass gathering organised by OFBJP, Nigeria, as the results show a clear mandate incumbent Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Damodar Das Modi, fondly called as “Modi” . General elections in India are held every five years .

President OF BJP Nigeria Mr Sanjay Srivastava stated, “ It is expected that NDA (BJP and allies) will improve on their previous numbers and the single largest party (BJP) shall get more seats than it got previously.”

Srivastava said, “The mood cheer of the Indian Diaspora is a scene to be seen. The Happiness on their faces says it all. Though it a working day in Nigeria, the Indian Diaspora and the members of OFBJP ,Nigeria has gathered in large numbers to celebrate the victory of Democracy.

They have been celebrating in their traditional way by beating drums, blowing conch and trumpets. They have been wishing each other, sending and receiving congratulatory messages to and from their near and dear ones in India and also from Non –Resident Indians all over the world.

“Their love for their Prime Minister is so immense and deep rooted in their hearts that one can only feel and share. They are all looking so happy and joyful as if this day and this moment is a very great and proud moment for them. Have never witnessed such euphoria among the Indian community over the results of General polls.

Reports of same celebrations have been pouring in from all parts of the world where ever the Indian population is present. “They are pretty sure that the re-election of Narendra Modi will ensure that India re gains its past glory and will have a very bright and prosperous future where in it will not only see good growth but will find a place in the world where every world citizen will look towards India with awe.

Ever since the present government led by BJP Patriach, Narendra Modi has been at the helm of affairs, Indians have got greater recognition world over. Modi has taken India in the global Map as a country which can play vital role in the world.

Such love for a Prime Minister is rare to be seen. The message is clear and loud for Mr. Modi…. The Indians world over are with you, for you and by you. OFBJP Nigeria appears to be at he forefront leading the Indian Diaspora to walk hand in hand with Mr Modi.

EXCO’s organised and attended the program: Shri N G Patel- Patron, Sanjay
Srivastava- President, Pravin Kumar- General Secretary, Kiran Gosavi- Vice President & in charge Abuja, Sabir Ali- VP , Vikas Kane- VP, Diwesh Mishra- VP, Dheerendra Sign Chauhan- Secretary, Anoop Drolia- Secretary, Sanjay Jha- Sub Treasurer, Shanti Bhushan Singh- Treasurer, { Shri KL M Rao, Bhupinder Mistry, Robin Puri, Nandkumar Chelloor EXCOM}

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