Woman caught trying to smuggle Indian Hemp to inmates of Kano Prison

The indian hemp smuggler caught in Kano Prison

The Intelligence Unit of the Nigerian Prisons Service (NPS) attached to Kano Central Prison has intercepted a female visitor Rifkatu Anthony for attempting to smuggle in 39 wraps of Indian Hemp into the prison.

The suspect from Badawa Quarters in Kano Metropolis cleverly concealed the hard drug in harmless packs with the intention to deliver them to inmates in the prison.

Upon interrogation, Miss Rifkatu Anthony feigned ignorance of the Illicit substance in her possession claiming that the items were given to her by one ThangGod for delivery to the prison inmates.

The Controller of Prisons Kano, Magaji A Abdullah had Commended the officers and Men of the Command for their untiring efforts in ridding the Service of the menace of Trafficking.

Recently the Controller General of Prisons, Ja’afaru Ahmed approved the the dismissal of Prison Personnel for aiding trafficking (smuggling) illicit drugs into the prison yard for prisoners.

The action of the Controller General was part of a concerted effort by the administration to continue to maintain discipline and ensure that inmates in Prison custody were only handled by those with the required rectitude to do so.

“There is no gainsaying that exposing inmates to the use of hard drugs is an anathema to the reformation goal of the Prisons Service as it does not only precipitate health complications but also constitutes security risk to innocent lives in and around the prison” the statement noted.

Mr. Ja’afaru therefore, warn that any officer caught aiding or failing to apprehend smugglers act will be shown the way out of the Service as they have no business being in a character reformation agency.

He had assured the public that the management of the NPS would remain irrevocably committed to sustain the peace and calm now existing in prisons across the country in order to enhance reformation and rehabilitation of offenders in prisons custody.