JNI calls for prayers over insecurity, poverty

File: Some Muslims faithfull at a prayer ground

The Jama’tu Nasril  Islam (JNI), has called on Muslims in the country to use the period of the Ramadan to pray fervently for the restoration of peace and stability in Nigeria.

This is contained in a statement issued by JNI Secretary General, Dr Khalid Abubakar, on Wednesday in Kaduna.

It noted that the security and economic situation in the country requires sustained prayers to seek Allah’s support and intervention to ease off the difficulties people are facing.

“We once again reiterate same call, as the situation seems to be deteriorating with armed banditry, kidnappings, theft and abject poverty in the increase.

“Therefore, Governments at all levels as well as individuals who have the wherewithal are called upon to extend benevolent gestures – such as alms giving and supports to the indigents in severe need, as well as millions of IDPs spread across the country,” it said.

It added: “This is the most appropriate time to show compassion and of course, the needy would want to see such assistance now.

“JNI uses this medium to remind leaders at all levels that success shall only come their respective ways when they rollout friendly policies to the citizenry.

“At the moment, the outcry is loud and clear! Therefore, this period should be a sober reflection time for us all and make the necessary amend, in order to seek Allah’s pleasure.

“We implore Islamic Scholars to conduct their respective Tafseer sessions in line with the Qur’an and Sunnah of the Noble Prophet, using courteous language and kind words. They should as well shun bad preaching during the Tafseer sessions.”

The JNI urged Muslims to be more dedicated to the worship of Allah, especially now so as to exploit the bounties of the month of Ramadan.