Bauchi people set agenda for incoming governor


The people of Bauchi have expressed high hopes on their governor-elect, Sen. Bala Mohammed, advising that he pay prompt attention to some crucial sectors of the economy.

Some of the citizens who spoke to News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) said they expected the incoming governor to pay attention to employment generation, education, health, infrastructure development and Agriculture.

They decried the rising unemployment rate in the state as well as rising incidence of poverty and school dropouts, saying that the incoming governor needed to act swiftly in those areas.

The incoming governor Mohammed was a senator, FCT Minister, Journalist, experienced civil servant and was elected under the Peoples Democratic Party.

Mr Abu Mohammed, a retired civil servant, said the incoming governor needed to focus on unemployment rate which has worsened lately, adding that there were tendencies for idle youths to engage in thuggery and terrorising of innocent citizens.

“I am calling on the new governor to critically look at the unemployment rate; he should provide skills acquisition and vocational centers for the teeming youth,” he said.

Mrs Deborah Felix told NAN that she had confidence in the governor-elect as someone with ability to provide deserving leadership.

”Bala Mohammed will perform very well because he has done it before. He was the Abuja Minister who did wonderfully well for FCT.

“As FCT Minister, his performance was acknowledged by Nigerians, and he left legacies that the people of Abuja are still enjoying,“ she said.

Felix, however, stressed the need for Muhammad to prioritise certain sectors that touch the lives of the citizens directly, especially agriculture, education, health and water.

Mr Sabiu Mohammed, a public commentator, while expressing confidence on the governor-elect, feared however that the governor-elect would encounter challenges in the process of fixing the state.

He said that the challenges are enormous which should be addressed according to priorities.

He said the first was youth unemployment, followed by fixing of health facilities with staff, equipment and drugs, the issue of pensions and gratuities and agriculture among many others.

Malam Musa Jaingol, a school teacher, said there were high hopes from the citizens on the governor-elect to address problems of the education sector, from primary to tertiary institution.

“All arms of education in the state need attention in terms of infrastructure, work force and facilities. The system needs general overhauling; much is needed in the sector,” he said.

On his part, Alhaji Hashimu Kawuwa urged the governor-elect to create conducive environment for innovation to work for the people and the state.

He said that the governor-elect would achieve much by involving technocrats of different fields, adding that he should involve people with high esteem and honour.

“Senator Mohammed is an intellectual who thinks for his people as well as creating an enabling environment for people working with him,” Kawuwa said.