Pastor Weaver, Charlie Boy and the rest of us

Pastor Weaver, Charlie Boy and the rest of us

Saturday, March 23, 2019 1:29 pm

Charlie Boy, right

By Wale Olayanju

Who remembers this 1999 movie which starred Clem Ohameze as Pastor Weaver?

In the movie titled “End Time”, a young vibrant pastor was contacted by a group of greedy elders (who fell out with the founder of the church) with a proposal to sponsor him to start his own church. Afterall, they reasoned, he (Pastor Weaver) was the reason behind the popularity of the church.

In a bid to displace the old church, they agreed the new church had to be mega, the pastor, trendy and the ministry, synonymous with miracles.

That was exactly what happened!

Unbeknown to the junior pastors in the new church, these miracles were not as a result of their fastings and prayers, but by the magic ring which was given to Weaver.

At any church service, you could see the vibrancy, commitment and dedication of these innocent pastors who were unaware of the source of their pastor’s power.

Wale Olayanju

So, when this story came out of Charlie Boy and the 9-figure amount allegedly given to him by Festus Keyamo while Deji Adeyanju was languishing in prison, I could not but laugh at the gullibility of some followers.

When I see people fight each other on social media because of some politicians who don’t know they exist, I shake my head because of their ignorance.

So, watch it! Many Nigerians are not worth taking a bullet for.

That your favourite politician is only using you to better his CV. That pastor is only after his own ministry and promotion. That leader of your association is using you to climb the ladder of success. That so-called activist is not interested in your plight. He is only using you to get some dough from politicians, philanthropists and foreign donor and to enjoy a life of splendour.

Except you are close to a man, see his sincerity of purpose or you are benefiting directly from him, my dear, you are on your own . They will only use and dump you.

That politician you are fighting for, will attend a party tonight with his so-called enemies. If a DG of a presidential candidate could dump his party and tell his followers to vote another party, can’t you see it is purely a game of permanent interest?

So, talk to yourself. If your aim of coming online is to build walls, rather than build bridges, it will do you well to deactivate your account.


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