Te´ní The Entaténà (Teni The Entertainer)

Te´ní The Entaténà (Teni The Entertainer)

Wednesday, January 2, 2019 3:38 pm

Teni (Teniola Apata)


Odolaye Aremu

She has an electrifying, colorful personality you don’t get to see quite often. A ready smile, dimpled and bubblicious. She’s definitely the Molly in the Bubble Guppies. A kid any mom would significantly worry over for her gargantuan magnetism and for being the life of every party, including the one she’s not invited.

I noticed this kid firstly in 2016, when the video of one of her singles ‘Fargin’ was seriously trending. The truth is she’s really not a talented composer and in truth who is? But what she lacks in natural talent she makes up for in her entertaining, engaging personality. Meanwhile Fargin was actually a lewd parody of an Osita Stephen Osadebe standard ‘Ka-Anyi Jikota.’ However, Teniola a younger sibling of another recording star Niniola p?´nr?´nlaized that single to engage every listener and made us all go: ‘Wow!’

Another single ‘Askamaya’ – (most likely a street corruption of Oscar Mayer, an American processed-meat firm), made me a believer. Teni in truth is making gimmicky songs and it’s definitely working for her. She doesn’t even bother to hide the malfunctions in her rhymes or the slips in her lyrics, ?m?-?l?´m? just simply slide, glide and fly whenever she feels like it to the end zone. She’s confident, she’s even spiking the damn ball!

Teni, for all we can say has shown that nowadays it’s really not about the talent alone. It’s about spontaneity, it’s about personality, it’s about attitude and it’s about a good production crew and a damn good beat! Combine all and you have yourself hits upon hits! Needless to say she’s big, bold and beautiful too.

Therefore in the new year, please be like the kid Teni. And let the world be like: Damn!

*Some of my friends have alerted me that Askamaya is not a coinage of Oscar Mayer. They have fully convinced me that this Askamaya is a legitimate abode of P?´nr?´nlaisation. For real, I strongly suspect these friends of mine may be legitimate customers even. Read through the comments, the holy spirit shall reveal the identities of these lascivious friends to all and sundry.*

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