Bingo9ja Deploys Technology to Revolutionalise Lottery in Nigeria

Bingo9ja Deploys Technology to Revolutionalise Lottery in Nigeria

Saturday, December 15, 2018 4:52 pm


L-R:Tele Oyegoke, chief operating officer, Onuorah Iyizoba, board member, Chinedu Iyizoba, board member and Eni Eniola, CEO all of Bingo9ja, in Lagos during the launch of the product.



A new gaming company in Nigeria, Bingo9ja, is looking to change how people view lottery gaming in Nigeria by using a cutting-edge technology to make the games available to all gamers across board.

The first ever gaming platform in the world “Bingo9ja” will specifically deploy Blockchain Technology to change how people play the lottery in Nigeria with ground operations starting this week in Lagos.

The company, Ikorne Games, Parent company of “Bingo9ja,” aims to make it easy for all gaming enthusiasts to play different kinds of lottery and classified games from the comfort of their homes either by using their Blockchain backed Mobile App, Blockchain node integrated Terminals and the USSD applications. With the fast development and adoption of the Blockchain technology all over the world, Bingo9ja is looking at breaking popular conventions and stigma attached to playing lottery games, popular known as Lotto in Nigeria, thereby creating a “techy lifestyle” movement of gamers.

Speaking with the media on this development the CEO and Founder of Ikorne Games, Eni Eniola, a management consultant, business development and strategy expert, stated that the intention of the company is to use the ease and proliferation of mobile phones whilst also leveraging on cutting edge technology to make gaming more accessible to everyone.

Tele Oyegoke, co-founder and COO, said not only will Bingo9ja gamers be able to play the games using multiple channels, they will also be able to use their Bingo9ja loyalty Pass cards in participating stores, Petrol Stations, Restaurants and lifestyle outlets.

Bingo9ja’s game centre is looking to introduce seven different fun games with a bonus daily “spin and win” game. Other games include “Fast Cash”, “Scratch& Win”, “Bingo”, “Bingo Mega”, “Pick 3”, “Pick 4” and “Keno”. It must be noted that Bingo9ja’s lottery related games have the best winning odds in the country.

Eniola, also promised that in the coming months, there will be an addition of different types of fun games particularly interactive peer to peer games that not only allows gamers to play with friend’s home and abroad, but also gives gamers a chance to win numerous prizes and money.

“The goal is to gradually introduce different types of fun and engaging games and also with the possibility of winning millions of Naira,”he said. “The games will be drawn live on all social media platforms, after which winners using the mobile app can withdraw their winnings instantly while gamers who played via the agents terminals could pick up their winnings from the agents or get credited directed into their bank accounts, whichever is preferred.”

In coming up with this revolutionary gaming platform, Eniola disclosed that the Bingo9ja team is comprised of like minds who have worked diligently with various gaming agents and players to provide a platform that is easily accessible. “Bingo9ja’s strategic mission is not only to be the first ever blockchain backed gaming platform but also to dynamically leverage cutting edge technology in developing and delivering world class lottery related gaming platform, all across Africa,” he said.

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