Buhari’s Certificate: How His Defenders Lie And Contradict Themselves

Buhari’s Certificate: How His Defenders Lie And Contradict Themselves

Sunday, November 4, 2018 11:13 am

Ena Ofugara


By Ena Ofugara

Garba Shehu, Buhari’s mouthpiece: Buhari did not apply to WAEC for result.

WAEC spokesman: Buhari applied. If Buhari does not apply, we cannot give it, Only Buhari and the courts can apply for the result.

It gets more interesting. When Nigerians screamed about the discrepancies in the Oluwole result released by Premium Times before June 12 that had Buhari having F9 in two subjects and those did not show up on the new improved remixes result from WAEC, WAEC on twitter said that subjects wherein a candidate gets an F9 will not be captured in the replacement attestation of result.

WOW!!! First there is no circular or communique to this effect in WAEC or anywhere in any of their own policies or bylaws etc. WAEC is unable to tell anyone when this Ogbonge (special) pattern began that an exam body will choose which of your performances or scores you should have on your result even when you paid for all subjects. So if I get 9 F 9 in my subjects but F9 is good enough just to show I attempted the subject, WAEC will not put that F9 in what is not my new certificate?

No! Really! An exam body paid to grade me in all subjects will not show me my grade because I had an F9? So if I have 7 F9, they will put just two subjects for me that that is what I sat for? If I have 9 F9 then WAEC WILL GIVE ME EMPTY PAPER???


The Buhari documents in circulation

Listen, people like Ezekwesili trying to make this WAEC issue a small deal are either just trying to save Buhari’s butt and have the country move on from clear evidence that 1. Buhari has zero integrity 2. That he is committing forgery in plain sight and real time 3. That forgery and such is not important 4. That possible ruin of WAEC’s credibility in the eyes of children and the world is nothing to focus on 5. That also a simple matter that could have been solved like this four years ago, Buhari allowed it to fester and spent money on 13 SANs and wasted the court’s time and resources and how this shows Buhari’s POOR JUDGEMENT and a lack of his leadership skills in solving issues timeously and clearly.

Note, Buhari did not apply for this certificate while GEJ was in power. He waited till he was CnC and funding WAEC. Under GEJ and in early Buhari rule, 13 lawyers and none could simply ask him to get this from WAEC then and so the courts can throw away the case and have Buhari concentrate on governance. Showing the WAEC result was no big deal then but suddenly a cause for celebration amd fanfare and even festival wherein his father in law came to pay solidarity visit with him.

So why did Buhari not ask WAEC for this ever since? And why would they not make this an official document by submitting it to INEC so it is on judicial records and open to disclosure and investigation? Why not make the result an official public document by submitting it to INEC?

Old men are LYING to us, clear evidence of how Buhari and his generation ruined Nigeria with bad choices, indolence, fraud, forgery and lies.

I am to go and write WAEC, get F9 all through, burn my original certificate, as for a new one and have WAEC send me empty result as my WAEC certificate or attestation. Let me not see the scores I made first.

There is pride in failure. If Buhari had F9 in math and such, he deserves it in his new certificate. No need removing a grade just to not embarrass a president.

But we all know Buhari did not seat for that WAEC. The army he is cammander in chief of brought out his testimonial from his school principal that Buhari WILL… not that he has taken the exam… will pass the WAEC. That is what Buhari used to enter the army or else why would a principal or candidate submit testimonial and not result?

And why has the Army which under Jonathan did a video saying Buhari did not submit WAEC on Form 199A to them, why has Buhari not fired them and why have they not made a fresh statement apologizing for misplacing Buhari’s certificate?

Old men are lying to young ones

Shehu Garba: Buhari did not apply to WAEC for his certificate.

(WAEC just burst out in Ask Rock and let in to present what Buhari did not ask for. )

WAEC: Only Buhari and the courts can ask for Buhari’s result and get it

Me: Let Buhari officially send this paper to INEC. Let us put this certificate on record.

Old Liars

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