Labour unions protest FG’s ‘No Work, No Pay’ policy in Abeokuta

Labour unions protest FG’s ‘No Work, No Pay’ policy in Abeokuta

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 8:32 am

Labour unions protest ‘No Work, No Pay’ Policy in Abeokuta

Adejoke Adeleye/ Abeokuta

The National Chairman Joint Public Negotiating Council, Comrade Abdulrafiu Adeniji on Tuesday led a protest over the federal government’s new policy of “No Work, No pay” for striking workers.

While speaking to journalists in Abeokuta, Adeniji said he was directed to come to Ogun state to lead the workers on a protest over the “No Pay No Work,” policy because a responsible government who truly want the comfort of the people will not say ‘No Work, No Pay’ over a penny of N30, 000 per month.

“We are here today to make a statement to Nigerian and the Government that the populace have being denied of work force in Nigeria. We expected minimum wage, so we are here as a mark of solidarity for suffering working class and establishing the stuff that long enough the government of the country.

“We have being deprived of our rights not only the worker, but the entire populace because we are aware of the amount politicians receive per months, it is only in Nigeria that workers receive lowest minimum wage salary, which is not even regular.

“We need to sentise our members and the entire work force both in the private, the public and those people who are self employed to no their right, they stand for it and fight for their right and the rights of the Nigerian workers.

“We must tell the public why the new minimum wage as to be increased not only paid but to be expended upon.

While also speaking to journalists, Comrade Olubunmi Fabiyi, the State Chairman of Trade Union Congress said Nigerian workers are the least paid in the world.

He added that the government of Nigeria is selfish and does not care about it’s workers, noting that for eight years the minimum wage has not been increased.

Furthermore, Comrade Akeem Ambali, the State Chairman, Ogun NLC describe the 30,000 minimum wage as “chicken change” in the pocket of the Nigeria Government

While giving analysis of the minimum wage, he noted said it’s just N1000 per day for a family of four which means each member of a family would have to survive with N250 per day, No transport and other expenses.


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