Pope Francis tasks Christians on love, peace

Pope Francis

The Catholic pontiff, Pope Francis, has enjoined Christians all over the world to enliven their communities with love by sharing the message of God’s universal love and peace to the world.

The pontiff’s message was delivered on Sunday by Rev.Fr. Solomon Ukeyima, at the Saint Joseph Parish, Nyiman in Makurdi, to mark the World Missions Day.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the day is set aside by the Catholic Church all over the world to acknowledge contributions of missionaries in carrying out evangelism across the world.

It is also used to raise funds to support mission’s work.

NAN also reports that the 2018 theme for the world missions day is: “Together with Young People, Lets bring the Gospel to All.”

The Catholic Synod for the youths, which is ongoing in Rome, seeks to sensitise them on the imperative of utilising their youthful potential to advance the cause of peace across the world.

Reading from the pontiffs letter, Ukeyima said the world was in dire need of peace and urged the youths to devout their time to promote peace and to refrain from acts that were capable of jeopardizing peaceful coexistence amongst people.

” Everybody needs to give to another; the most valuable gift to offer is the gift of love and peace, let our youths take a peep into the future and refrain from doing the bidding of mischief makers.

” On an important day like the missions day, the church calls on all peace loving people, not just Christians, to share the good news of love and peace to the world.

” We are all missionaries, take time out today and ask; why I am created, what is the purpose for my creation.

” As Christians, we are called to be missionaries; to be the hands, the mouth, ears and hands of Jesus in reaching out to others.

Quoting from the Gospel of Matthew 28:16-20, he said the call for evangelism was a mandate from God to all Christians, explaining that some ” go by themselves, others go with their finances while others by sponsoring mission works”.

He called on the youths to use their talents in music, arts, entertainment to share the love of God to the world.

” The world needs peacemakers to bring peace, it needs love makers to bring love, be the hands of God to make a difference in a world yearning for peace; win the world for Christ by bringing his love to it,” he charged.