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Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi


By  Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi

The weather has been great here in London this summer, just like back in Nigeria.

I can see it is very warm.

Why is there always bad news from Nigeria? Killings today, shootings tomorrow, robberies all the time.

Yes, there is a lot of bad news. However, do you ever get to hear the good news?

What is the good news?

Our young girls winning an international technology prize. Sexual predators in higher institutions being held accountable. Hundreds of thousands benefitting from social inclusion programs. People being innovative and creative. Communities supporting their own development.

Why are there so many defections from one political party to another in Nigeria?

People go where they feel needed or wanted.

When people defect, shouldn’t they lose their seats?

Yes, they ought to. However, people who live in glass houses don’t throw stones.

Why are elections so expensive in Nigeria, even more expensive than Europe and the US?

The electorate usually do not see politicians till the next election cycle, so there is a price to be paid for such negligence.

Why is the President here in London? Is he sick again?

No. He is here on vacation.

Can’t he enjoy his vacation at home?

Ideally, he should, but do you honestly think he can get any rest back home?

So, what happened to his wife, the one he said belongs to ‘The Other Room’.

She is still shining like the star she is. He meant that as a joke you know.

It is good to know he is not sick. It is a shame the public hospitals back home are still inadequate.

Yes, they are. They try their best but they are still vastly under-resourced.

Why are there more churches than hospitals in Nigeria?

Churches give people hope. Hospitals not so much.

Why are Nigerian pastors asking for large sums of money as tithes? They come here often.

A Church is a business. A Tithe is an investment.

Do you think this is a good time to invest in property back home?

There is hardly ever a bad time to invest in property. Just be careful you are not relying on photographs.

I am trying to convince my wife. She is beginning to behave like the women here, she does not listen to me.

You had better take it easy, remember where you are. She is your wife not your maid or junior sister.

My children tell me they are tired of listening to my stories of how hard it was for me to get an education and make something of myself. They say I use it as an excuse to deprive them of things.

That is known as the Entitlement Syndrome. They can never understand where you are coming from. Get them involved in philanthropic work. Children of nowadays don’t like listening to what they call sermons.

Maybe they think we are not making sense. Why are those old men like Obasanjo and Soyinka still making noise? Why can’t they keep quiet?

Are you not familiar with the proverb, ‘If there is an elder in the market, a baby should not come to any harm’? They say things that should not be said, but it is their right to talk.

Why is there now so much political drama? What is up with the Senator who spent eleven hours in a tree?

Nollywood has been decentralized. People can now write, produce and star in their own movies.

How did he become a Senator?

People voted for him at a polling station with their PVCs. Not on Facebook or Twitter.

What about the Governor who said police broke his neck during the election in his State?

He has been quiet lately.

How can someone who has no school leaving certificate become the Governorship candidate for a State in Nigeria?

A formal education no longer seems to be a requirement. Besides, he has other useful skills.

Do you think the ‘Not too young to run’ law will help young people into leadership?

It depends. Some are old enough to lead. Some are old enough to steal.

So, what can I do to make a difference back home?

Many things. Encourage your people to register and vote. Explain the importance of development over instant gratification. Don’t believe everything you read on social media. Be part of a good Diaspora network. Invest wisely.

Thank you so much ma. Have a nice day.

You are welcome. Have a good day too.


Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi is a Gender Specialist, Social Entrepreneur and Writer. She is the Founder of Abovewhispers.com, an online community for women. She can be reached at [email protected]








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