Human body best canvas for painting – Artist

Human body best canvas for painting – Artist

Wednesday, July 11, 2018 12:33 pm

Intricate body painting
Source: Instagram/Peniel Arts

Popular body artist Abiola Bodunrin aka Peniel Arts, has described the human body as the best canvas for painting, as the body itself is the greatest art in the universe.

Bodunrin, who spoke with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Wednesday, decried the poor appreciation of body painting in Africa despite predominately originating from the continent.

Body painting refers to the art of drawing intricate designs on parts of the body for temporary beautification.

It exists in several indigenous cultures and appears in various forms, including henna designs in the north and cam wood painting in the south east.

NAN reports that body painting is fast becoming a staple for maternity photo shoots, young adult parties and children amusement where it is mostly restricted to face painting.

Bodunrin said, “The human body in my opinion is the greatest art in the universe and body art is just my way of appreciating the uniqueness of the human body.

“Basically, in this part of the world, the appreciation is not as one would expect and there’s this undertone of it being ‘unafrican’,” he said.

He added that the worst criticism comes up during full nude body painting as people tend to view it as perverted.

However, Bodunrin, who has painted for several humanity campaigns, challenged people to appreciate the aesthetics and message of the art, instead of judging the art form.

Body painting on female models
Source: Instagram/Peniel Arts

“We get a lot of criticism but I am not bothered by it because you need to have an open mind to appreciate art,” he said.

Describing the opportunities open to body artists in Nigeria, Bodunrin said that despite the criticism, body artists have a lot of client as people love art.

“Everyone loves art and some people like the feeling of being exclusive. Some others feel elevated and use the art to stay in touch with their higher selves.

Bodunrin, who plans to hold an exhibition later in the year, looks forward to better collaborations among Nigerian artists to promote the arts.

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