Vigilante Group of Nigeria Disassociates from Vigilante Service of Ogun

Vigilante Group of Nigeria Disassociates from Vigilante Service of Ogun

Saturday, June 23, 2018 10:14 am

Nureni Olarenwaju, Commander Ogun State VGN,

Adejoke Adeleye,Abeokuta

The Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN) has disassociate itself from Vigilante Service of Ogun State, saying the group belongs to the federal and not state government.

The commandant of VGN in Ogun State, Nureni Olarenwaju in his reactions to an online publication that the group has been proscribed into VSO because the day VSO was inaugurated under the umbrella of VGN was the day Governor Amosun handed over patrol vehicles to the group to assist them in their work of security.

Nureni also claimed that the rescue of Osun Speaker’s wife in 2014 from kidnappers’ den was not done by VSO.

In his statement “Vigilante Group of Nigeria VGN is not proscribed by any state or federal government ,this press conference was necessary due to what we read in one of the online news sites that ” the group claiming the feat had since been proscribed by the State Government.”

“I remember in the year 2014, when we at vigilante Group of Nigeria were called by a palm wine tapper on a suspected kidnapping which the victim was later discovered to be the wife of the former honorable speaker of Osun State. We swung into action and at the end we got the woman freed and handed her over to the police with the suspects. We have pictures that shows the suspects with VGN logo background for you to know the authenticity of the scene.”

“We are shocked to see that because of the Online news that interviewed me on our achievements since our inception in Ogun State in which another community security agency known as vigilante service of Ogun State which was a product of Ogun VGN that should be busy with what they believed they are called for, just came out to say we are proscribed by Ogun State government.

“ I want to assure the public that the government of Ogun State led by our amiable Governor, His Excellency, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, con, FCA has been of a great support to VGN in Ogun State.

His Excellency has not for a day denied or proscribed VGN in Ogun State and we have not received any letter to that effect. We want our people to know that this is a pure baseless statement, we also implore our people to visit the state government to confirm the truth.”
The said statement again read that “Ogun State Government established Vigilante Service of Ogun State on Thursday 13th October, 2011,” he added

Nureni again repeated that it was a lie, that day was the day his Excellency innagurated VGN and handed over patrol vehicles to us. If we want to critically look into it. Vigilante Service of Ogun State was created as an arm of VGN in Ogun State so that it will stand as a security entity to work for the good people of Ogun under the supervision of VGN in Ogun State until the VSO denied our superiority.

Again VSO in their online statement “The statement further said, the proscribed Vigilante Service of Nigeria(VGN),as at today is factionalized into three segments with three different Commanders in the State, pointing out that such a disintegrated security outfit cannot claim to be in fore front of curtailing crimes and criminalities in the state.”

Also one of the reasons for the press conference is because of the VGN that was abbreviated in bracket in the said news.

Stating emphatically that “ we are not vigilante service of Nigeria but Vigilante Group of Nigeria and to come to the said faction. VGN in Nigeria including Ogun State is one led by the Commandant General, Dr. Usman Mohammed Jahun who installed and decorated me as the Ogun state commander.

“I repeat we have no faction in VGN. We are using this opportunity to let the good people of Ogun State know that we are readily available for their services in the area of security dissemination.

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