2019 election: Ayoade Adesina reveals intention for Reps seat

2019 election: Ayoade Adesina reveals intention for Reps seat

Monday, April 2, 2018 8:03 am

Ayoade Adesina

Adejoke Adeleye, Abeokuta

House of Representatives aspirant for Abeokuta South federal constituency Prince Ayoade Omolade Adeshina has revealed his intention for seat at the federal constituency come 2019 election.

Prince Adesina revealed that his ambition for the seat of Abeokuta South federal constituency under APC in the forthcoming 2019 elections was purely driven by his passion to make life more bearable for the people and develop the constituency through various policies and programmes that are tailored to meet the yearnings of the constituency.

Prince Ayodeji Adesina made this revision while speaking recently with journalists in Abeokuta stakeholders’ meeting with his party members in 15 wards of the federal constituency.

He said ” as regard my ambition, I am confident that I am the best man for the job because of the programmes that I have for my people. You can see the mamoth crowd here today, it is a testimony of their strong belief in the difference that my ambition hope to make and God being on our side, we will surpass people’s expectations”.

Prince Adesina also lauded the not too young to run bill saying “the initiative is quite commendable, it should not be seen as being targeted to shut out some people from politics but rather a move that would allow for a level playing ground and increase youth participation in governance.”

“Aside the vigour that the youth possess, the youth also have the benefit of hindsight having watched a while from the sidelines, they are aware of policies that are not working and those that could also be modified to suit modern day governance for the rapid development of the country”.He added

Meanwhile Ayoade gave his full support to
President Muhammadu Buhari for his recent stance against tenure elongation of executives of the ruling All Progressives Congress.

The Apc aspirant described the President’s move as such that supported fairness, justice and the much talked about internal democracy which would further help to strenghten the country’s growing democracy.

He explained that “the President’s comment on tenure elongation of the executives of their party is no doubt a good step towards the right direction.

“It only confirms his support for internal democracy, what is fair, just and ideal. It is a known fact that party that jetisions these crucial ingredients of democracy don’t stand the test of time, so, President Buhari deserve the commendations”.

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