Man, 36, shot dead on Oyo-Ogbomosho Road

Olalekan Awoyoolu

Gbenro Adesina/Ibadan
A man identified as Mr. Olalekan Awoyoolu, 36, who was traveling from Oyo to Ogbomosho was said to have been shot and killed by some unidentified Fulani men at Ori-Awo, opposite Molab Petrol Station.
According to an eye witness, Mope Ogunneye, the incident occurred on Thursday February 15, 2018.
The eye witness said, “Around 2:45pm on Thursday 15th of February 2018, the deceased and I were driving to Ogbomosho from Shaki town. We were driving through a forest reserve area (with thick bushes at both sides). This forest is situated somewhere in-between Iseyin and Igbeti town. We were in the front, while a truck filled with Civil Defence officers was at our back. Suddenly, about four men dressed in uniforms of light green khaki who were clearly Fulanis burst out of the bush from the other side of the road (i.e. the driver’s side) and opened fire on the two vehicles. We were at full speed and their intent was not to stop us because they were waiting in an ambush and waited for the vehicles to be almost in front of them before they came out of the bush and opened fire.
Another set of about five men came out like some yards from the first set and also opened fire. Though the engine and the radiator have been hit, we were still able to speed ahead because the wind screen was not shattered and we were on high speed. We had moved some distance away before the deceased told me he was hit in the tummy. He was still driving and speeding away even as he said this. The Civil Defense truck behind us was able to overtake us some distance away from the spot of incidence and they stopped when we shouted that the deceased was shot. They had a tyre shot out and a colleague shot in the leg as well. They helped to carry the deceased to the back cabin of the truck while another officer drove us away again. We came to a police check point some distance away (at which time the vehicle was overheating from the shot radiator).
“The police took the two shot people with myself in their patrol vehicle and rushed us to the nearest town, Igbeti and to a hospital there. After examining the wound and spending like 30 minutes there, we were told we would have to move him to Bowen Teaching Hospital in Ogbomosho. Now there was no ambulance and I had to arrange with some people to get me a public transport car which was used to take him to Ogbomosho. The trip from Igbeti to Ogbomosho was around 1 hour but we still managed to get there with the deceased still alive.  It was at Bowen Teaching Hospital in Ogbomosho that the deceased died as the doctors were working on him. The Civil Defense Officer shot in the leg was also brought to the hospital and he was still at the hospital by the time we left there”.
The deceased was laid to rest on February 17, 2018 in Ibadan.