Emprowess Promotes Courses to Empower Youths With Skills – Sanjay

Emprowess Promotes Courses to Empower Youths With Skills – Sanjay

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 2:32 pm

Sanjay Sirivastava

By Daniels Ekugo

Emprowess initiative to empower youths with skills development, such as its Free Trainings on Advanced MS Excel & Macro, Winning Customer with Personnel Excellence, Sales & Marketing Excellence, Personal Excellence and Time Management, Health Safety and Environment, Soft Skills and Corporate Etiquettes has been initiated to create jobs, not just to seek jobs.

According to Sanjay Sirivastava, “Emprowess shares the opportunity to learn over 10 (Ten) certifications in twelve calendar months to fit in our vision of Empowerment through skill development that can move up your career or business to next level.

.“Our youths, who will be the force to achieving the year 2030 objective of the state, must have the necessary strength and tenacity to face the many challenges ahead,”

Emprowess has become a critical agenda for the youths with two main goals. First, it is to provide required skills through human capital development programmes.

“Secondly, it is to prepare and empower the youths for the new upcoming initiatives and strategies,” said Sanjay.

“Emprowess” was established in 2014 and have empowered corporate and youths in thousand number. “Emprowess” is a bouquet of service offerings, focused towards operational excellence and managerial capability development. We provide specialized trainings and consulting offerings aimed at facilitating an organization to achieve its business aspirations including profitability, efficiencies, talent acquisition, development and retention.

Sanjay said that he was impressed by the number of interested participants

“Our aim is to provide professional Training FREE OF CHARGE (actual cost of one day program is N65K) as skill development initiative to bridge Gap between Corporates expectations with the employee. However you will have to pay N25,000 for the Certification and Course Materials. This amount is in fact the least you can get in term of cost.

“ Emprowess runs global standard learning and training Curriculum that will span through twelve calendar months for the training. Your dream is finally coming true.

We are committed for skill development of community for over 2,000 CORPORATE PROFESSIONALS in the next twelve months free of charge.

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