GNI Never Attend Any Screening Process Under Ogun West Consultative Forum

GNI Never Attend Any Screening Process Under Ogun West Consultative Forum

Friday, November 24, 2017 2:30 pm

Gboyega Nasir Isiaka

The media team of Prince Gboyega Nasir Isiaka (GNI) has drawn the attention of all to some news reports over certain endorsement by a group that goes by the name Ogun West Consultative Forum.

In the reports, the media team complained that the name of “our principal GNI was mentioned among the aspirants said to have been purportedly screened before their final choice of Senator Olamilekan Adeola representing Lagos West as the group Candidate for 2019 gubernatorial contest in Ogun State.

The team reacted further: “We wouldn’t have reacted to this but to set records straight as a lot of enquiries have been made by numerous supporters and admirers of our principal.”

“Prince Isiaka in reacting to the misinformation is of the view that it is a fundamental right of any group of people to endorse, adopt and or even present any aspirant for election and he has no issue over that but mentioning his name amongst the participants in a screening process that never happened will necessitate us setting the records straight so as to provide the right information to our supporters across the State as well as the generality of our people.” He added

“About three months ago, GNI was invited for an interactive session by the Ogun West Consultative Forum at Ilaro and such is one of several of such interactions that have happened and will still happen in the process. The invitation was honoured with some of his supporters strictly within Ogun West in attendant” hecontinued

The team also make it known that Professor Tope Popoola while giving an introductory remark said the interactive session is a “family meeting” to learn from ourselves over various experiences we have had in our efforts as a people to govern Ogun State.

While the Chairman of the group, Mr Kayode Ajibola in his opening remarks said they felt GNI should be invited first having had previous direct experience at the gubernatorial level and other “major” aspirants will be invited and finally all of those contesting for the gubernatorial position from Ogun West will thereafter be invited together; adding that such is the least “this interactive session” should achieve as part of the forum contribution to foster more unity amongst us the aspirants. As the team made it known that “All these are available in audio visual records.

GNI was then called to address the session. He appreciated them, highlighted his understanding of the past mistakes and what he felt should be done as we move into 2019 contest and submitted by stressing his strength and comparative advantages in the race.
He concluded by imploring the group to get more involved and start engaging other stakeholders particularly those rooting for aspirants outside the west towards fostering unity and solidarity in Ogun West.

Members responded and appreciated GNI insights while the chairman Mr Kayode Ajibola told members that GNI has justified why they invited him as the first aspirant because he brought experience and capacity to bear for them to ponder over as he has further assisted them in suggesting solution (s) to our past slip-ups.

“The grand Patron of the club, Chief Akeem Adigun (Sokopao) spoke last with some kind words and encomiums on GNI’s person. We later had lunch we took our leave.”

We have attended previous screening exercises in GNI’s bid to govern Ogun State and the minimum irreducible criteria for a screening exercise that will produce a minimum acceptable result is known.

NONE of these happened in this case. The session was called INTERRACTIVE not Screening; and the purpose was meant to be fact finding and proffering solutions not for endorsement or whatever name it is called.

Nobody ever mentioned that my Principal GNI was to come for screening and the session never acted as one.

“It was also read in the news report of some criteria including “programme, origin, experience” and one can conclude that nothing can be more laughable or comical than all of these.”

The ongoing discordance tune that reigns within the membership of the forum over this sudden metamorphosis or policy summersault from interactive forum to “screening” forum is already a public knowledge. It is advised that the forum should endeavor to retrace its steps toward the purpose it sets for itself as explained during the session.

we repeat our principal, Prince Gboyega Nasir Isiaka is having the least of issue over whatever name the group calls what they have done and he is not perturbed but GNI take exception to misrepresentation of facts as he is too experienced in this process to have submitted himself for a “screening” under a forum that some members have clear partisan political address with known jersey numbers within their aspirant(s) camp.

In conclusion, GNI only attended an interactive session among supposed family members from Ogun West on invitation and not for a screening. Therefore, such session attended could only lead to roadmap at best not an endorsement, adoption, presenting, etc
so please count Prince Gboyega Nasir Isiaka out of any process that stands to divide us as a people. The team pleads

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