‘Lazy youths’ behind Rivers’ pollution problems- Asari Dokubo

‘Lazy youths’ behind Rivers’ pollution problems- Asari Dokubo

Monday, July 31, 2017 2:00 pm

Asari Dokubo

Okafor Ofiebor/Port Harcourt

The Leader of the defunct Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force and former President of Ijaw Youths Council, Alhaji  Asari  Dokubo, has accused the youths of Rivers State of being lazy and that in their quest for easy money are involved in illegal oil bunkering polluting the environment.

He also said lack of zeal to be involved in diligent hard and entrepreneurial pursuits has driven most of Rivers youths into different cult gangs that are involved clashes leading to gruesome murders and beheading of innocent persons in various communities across the State.

Dokubo dismissed the attempt by people to point fingers at unnamed companies operating in Rivers state as the cause of sooth that has been polluting the environment. According to him “bad youths” involved in illegal refining popularly called “burn fire” are the major causes of the environmental problems.

“Go to our communities and see the destruction of marine and aquatic lives. They claim that the sooth being experienced in the state capital is caused by the activities of a Chinese company is a lie. No Chinese company is causing any sooth. It is our people. It is Ogoni people, Kalabari, Okrika people that are cooking crude oil and what they are cooking they are not afraid of the crimes they are committing against the people and the environment.”

He also lamented that youths involved in illegal refinery do not know that they are destroying their future.

“They are the people pouring wastes into our Rivers, killing all marine lives and destroying our environments. Go to Kalabari area, Bonny area, Okrika area and Ogoni areas where they are talking about clean up, the pollution caused by bad boys in Ogoniland is more than the one Shell committed.”

“Our youths are lazy and are there looking for easy money. When they see other people who are working hard they complain that “they are not being carried along.

“Our forefathers were known in history as traders and renowned business men, but today, the economy of Rivers state is in the hands of the hardworking Igbo and other tribes, while our people are idle complaining of not being carried along.”


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