Why Makoko Fire Keeps Recurring

Why Makoko Fire Keeps Recurring

Monday, February 20, 2017 12:50 pm

Makoko fire disaster

On Sunday evening, fire outbreak leaked clean many residences and shops in Makoko, a Lagos slum area. It was caused by electic sparks.

That was the second time in recent times that the area would record a fire mishap. In November 2016, houses, household items and business wares dissolved inside the hellish tongue of inferno, leaving many in anguish.

Makoko fire disaster

One of the residents said that there are many factors responsinble for the incessant fire outbreaks in Makoko.

One, the houses “were built so close to one another” so much that a fire outbreak in one has domino effect on others.

Most of the hoses were built with planks. In that case, the incendiary materials worsen any fire disaster.

Also, the unsanitory condition of the area does not help matters so also is the ignorance of the people in fire safety matters.

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