In Trumpsylvania

In Trumpsylvania

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 12:10 pm


By Olatunji Dare

It’s been only two weeks. Just two weeks. But what an amazing two weeks! And I hear some people – a lot of people, actually, but what does it really matter? Oh, by the way, look around you, isn’t it a lovely crowd we’ve got in here today? Absolutely gorgeous, I tell you. And there are far more people outside waiting to get in, but the police and the fire officials will not let them.

Ours is a movement. The biggest, largest, widest, deepest, hottest movement the world has ever seen. Period. And it was right there for everyone to see at our Inauguration. Whether you faced north, south, east or west, the crowds stretched as far as the eye could see.

I have never seen so large a crowd in my life. It is the largest ever to attend any Inauguration, going back to 18 — or whenever they had the first one.

And yet the lying media. So totally dishonest. The lying media said the crowd at Obama’s first inauguration was three times as large. Can you believe that? This lying media will go to any length to denigrate the American people who voted for us. They will do anything to delegitimise us. The lying media

Well, they don’t have a monopoly on facts. For every so-called fact they come up with, we are ready with our alternative fact. And from what our alternative-facts people are telling me. And they have looked into the matter with amazing thoroughness. Absolute thoroughness, I am telling you. And they are the best in the business, believe me.

From what they are telling me, the crowd at the Donald Trump Inauguration was larger than the crowd at the first and second Obama inaugurations combined. I have never seen such dishonest people in my life as the lying media. Shame on the lying media. CNN, are you there with your fake news?

One more thing, the ‘intelligence’ community. What ‘intelligence’? These are the same people who led us into a war that was an absolute disaster. I mean absolute disaster. They told us Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. There were no such weapons.

And now they claim that, based on their so-called intelligence, it was Russia that hacked into the Democrat National Committee’s computers to help Donald Trump win the election. On the basis of that bogus claim. Anyone with half a brain can see that the claim is bogus. Completely bogus.

Yet on the basis of that claim one jaded columnist who parades a so-called Nobel Prize in economics. I tell you, it would have been more appropriate if they had given him the prize for fiction.

I think I know why they didn’t. The guy can’t even write good fiction. Or fiction of any kind. This guy calls us the Trump-Putin Administration. That’s the kind of hooey that passes for intellectualism in the failing New York Times these days. It is pathetic. Absolutely tragic.

I have never met Putin. Or maybe I have. The hacking could have been done by Russia. Or may be China. Or a 400-lb guy at some computer terminal somewhere. The important thing is that we won the election handsomely.

If three million illegal aliens. Our people now tell me that it is more like five million people. Whatever the number. All of them. Every one of them voted for Hillary. If they had not done so, I would have crushed her on the popular ballot as well. And that’s the honest truth.

Donald Trump

And look at my Cabinet. Look at the amazing set of people I have brought together to help me run Washington. Combined net worth of more than $12 billion. Terrific people. Authentic Americans in every sense. They will put America first, America second and America third. America now. America always. America all the time.

People who will never apologise for America. Never. People who will make America great again. Isn’t that amazing?

And there are more such people out there. Many more. One great example is this guy Frederick Douglass who has been doing some absolutely terrific things lately in the African American community. He still might get a place in my Cabinet, this Douglass guy. You never know.

The people who ran Washington aground. These people who prospered at the expense of the people in the heartland of America. Those who created the American carnage. We have put them on notice that they have had their time.

Those who reduced our great industrial base to rusted factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape. They erected an education system guzzling zillions of dollars only to produce students deprived of all knowledge. I mean, all knowledge. It is an absolute disgrace.

And those inner cities where you couldn’t walk down the street without getting shot. Chicago, I give you fair warning. If you don’t fix all that mayhem, I will send the Feds to do the job. We are going to rebuild our inner cities totally. All those drugs and gangs. And talking of jobs – all those jobs that China and Mexico have stolen from America, We will bring back the jobs. And our rusted cities will come alive again.

And the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no more.

We’ve been in Washington only three weeks and they are saying they’ve never had a more dizzying time in their lives. Absolutely head-spinning dizzy, from what some of my people out there are telling me. And that’s because, for as long as they can remember, Washington has been all talk and no action.

They all go to Washington vowing to shake up the place. But instead, Washington sucks them in. It shakes them up so completely they don’t know whether they are going or coming.

That is the Washington they know, the Washington of old. The Washington that protected itself and celebrated when struggling families had nothing to celebrate. We have transferred power from that Washington back to the American people. To where it belongs. And that’s where it will stay. Period.

America will start winning again. Winning big-time. Winning like never before.

We will bring back our jobs. We will bring back our borders. We will bring back our wealth. And we will bring back our dreams. And prosperity. And optimism. And patriotism. We will bring back torture.

We will build new roads. And highways. And walkways. And biking routes. And hiking trails. And bridges. And airports. And tunnels. And railways all across our wonderful nation. We will build the wall. And Mexico will pay for it.

Politicians who are all talk and no action — constantly complaining but never doing anything about it. The time for empty talk is over. Now arrives the hour of action.

All those who have been marching here and elsewhere, where were they when the election was going on? And those challenging my Executive Order revoking American visas of nationals of seven predominantly Muslim countries for a maximum of 120 days in the first instance.

I say to them that we have the right to determine whom we allow into our country. And we concede the same right to every country.

There are bad people out there. Radical Islamists and terrorists. We have to keep them out to protect Americans. Those countries that don’t like what we have done are free to take them in.

A so-called federal judge on the West Coast. Seattle, or whatever. Where else will you find such a judge, except on the East Coast. New York. Those coastal elites. This so-called federal judge essentially takes law-enforcement from our country. An order carried out smoothly in our country and across the world. It is totally ridiculous. And it will be overturned.

Even a so-called federal judge, why would the judge halt a Homeland Security travel ban backed by my Executive Order? It’s a terrible decision. Absolutely terrible. It will open the gates for very bad and dangerous people.

We have to keep evil out of our country. People who will unleash death and destruction. The whole world is in trouble, but we are going to fix it.

That’s what I do. I fix things.

Credit: The Nation

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