My wife is too lazy, husband tells court

My wife is too lazy, husband tells court

Monday, January 23, 2017 3:53 pm

An estranged husband, Tunde Esan, on Monday has asked an Akure Customary Court to dissolve that 18-year-old marriage between him and his wife, Yetunde, whom he described as ‘’too lazy.’’

The petitioner, who expressed bitterness while seeking dissolution of his marriage to Yetunde, said that he had endured her for so long.

“I had endured for many years; I can no longer tolerate her lazy attributes,’’ he said.

According to him, all his efforts to get his wife start a trade have failed.

“My wife is not ready to do any work but only sits at home watching movies.

“I have not enjoined her since I married her.

“Though I am used to her lazy acts, I would have filed divorce suit since but was restricted by various appeals by friends and family members,’’ he said.

The petitioner said that it was his eldest child that had been cooking in the house.

He also told the court that the respondent was fond of incurring debt which put the family into disrepute.

“I am a very comfortable man, I have mansions and well comfortable but my wife keeps borrowing money from our neighbour.

“She took a bale of cloth from somebody without his knowledge.

“There is no phase of life she has not failed.

“As a matter of fact, she neither washes my clothes nor sweeps our apartment and we have not been greeting each other for more than seven years.

“In fact, it’s being long we had sex as husband and wife.

“I perceive she is a possessed woman,’’ he said.

The petitioner told the court that the union had broken down to the level any reconciliation.

The respondent, however, pleaded with the court to intervene and safe her marriage from dissolution.

Yetunde knelt down in the court and begged her husband to forgive her.

She admitted borrowing money and took some clothes on credit without the knowledge of her husband.

The respondent said that the matter could have been settled without coming to court but that the petitioner did not give room for settlement.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the marriage is blessed with three children.

The President of the court, Chief Rotimi Olusanya, adjourned the case to Feb.14, in order to make room for reconciliation.

Olusanya asked the petitioner to allow the respondent stay in his house until the next adjourned date. (NAN)

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