Bishop warns against “opportunistic prophets”

Bishop warns against “opportunistic prophets”

Sunday, January 8, 2017 5:43 pm

Bishop Badejo: warns against false prophets

Bishop Badejo: warns against false prophets

Bishop Emmanuel Badejo of the Catholic Diocese of Oyo on Sunday advised Nigerian leaders and governments not to give-in to running the country based on prophecies and visions of opportunistic prophets and seers.

Badejo in a statement made available to  newsmen on Sunday described most of those people coming with unfounded  and baseless visions  as those “whom  are at best, bankrupt or mere, informed speculators.

Badejo said that such opportunistic prophets used to ply their trade at the beginning of every new year , hence, governments should be wary of their antics.

“ No country develops on prophecies but on statistics, facts and data based on research and planning.

“ If our leaders stop paying attention to such people, these self-styled prophets will lose market and audience and will likely find better jobs to do,’ he said.

He urged Nigerians to enter the New Year 2017 with gratitude to God for his goodness and faithfulness to them in the previous years.

He added that the people needed a better attitude of gratitude to their fellow beings, to the individuals who brought about some positive changes for the good of all.

“These may be in government, among the security agencies, our soldiers or even the private sector. They may be in the families, education sector .

“We can at least be grateful for the Sambisa forest capture, absence of fuel shortage during the festivities, availability of rice, better electricity supply in some areas,’’ he said

Badejo also advised all to work for justice and peace to reign supreme in the society to overcome injustice against deprived people, outcasts, displaced people and the   underprivileged..

“ We need commitment to justice to recover our country.’’

He said that justice demanded that everybody should apply truth and equity with sincerity, and giving to each as he deserves, in all areas of life.

Badejo said that corruption had, unfortunately, found itself among the leading countries and organizations, in the entertainment industry and in sports all over the world.

He said this had led to deprivation, resentment, anger and violence.

“Most people speak against it but few are working against it. In Nigeria, the campaign against corruption needs sincere disciples,’’ he said.

He challenged Christians and Muslims who formed the majority in positions of authority in the country to make their faith count and impact on governance and society by speaking against it.

He wondered why governors, legislators and commissioners not waging war against corruption with the same passion as President Buhari had been doing.

Badejo advised them to  share in the  vision of President Buhari aimed at ridding the country of corruption. (NAN)

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