Johnson-Sirleaf’s lasting legacy

Johnson-Sirleaf’s lasting legacy

Thursday, June 16, 2016 2:01 pm

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

The Multifaceted impacts of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s works have stabilized Liberia, leaving behind a fascinating legendary legacy


Right from childhood, she was destined to be a great child. In her teens, she had a natural way of winning the hearts of her friends and foes. She always endeavou red to make the world a better place. President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the first African woman President, has brought with her a work ethic that matched her genius. This ingenuity in her has transformed Liberia, from an ugly past, as a devastated country, ruined by a bloody civil war, onto a unified and stable entity, with a promising future.

When visitors enter the capital city of Monrovia, through the airport and even other border points, officials at the terminal building and other entry posts are relatively warm and receptive, a far-cry from what obtains in other African countries.

The city of Monrovia has restored its past glory, as the first Independent African country, globally known for its tranquillity.

There is electricity, running water, health facilities are functioning. Educational institutions have been restored. Good roads within the capital city and beyond are either on-going or completed. These were conspicuously absent a decade ago.

Liberians can now express freedom of speech. Opposition parties campaign openly without any molestation or intimidation. Civil society groups express openly their positions on government issues. Indeed, Liberia, today, is an epitome of democracy and the rule of law.

These sum up the lasting legacy of Madam President. A sudden turn-around of a decrepit society, then full of hatred, agonies and civil strife, onto a stable, unified country, with a promising future. In spite of the recent Ebola pandemic, Liberia is once again on the verge of an economic take-off.

The Ganta Highway  One of her legacies

The Ganta Highway One of her legacies

Though Ebola brought about a set-back in economic activities, the resilience of the people, with a dynamic vision of Madam President, life has returned back to normal, with economic activities on the rise again. Business is booming. Investors are coming in droves.

Her lasting legacy has put Liberia once again on the world map. A city once known for its barbarity has turn around to be one of investors’ delights. A city with a new breath of life, peopled with men of determination.

Her lasting legacy is also seen in the infrastructural out look of a once dilapidated country, onto a modern entity with good roads, new government buildings, coupled with new work ethnics of public and private employees.

Her legacy has brought Liberians together with a renewed hope of vision for the future. Liberians are more united than ever before, through this unifying legacy.

Indeed, her legacy in her vision. A vision of a unified country devoid a hate and malice. A unified Liberian entity, a far- cry from it’s ugly past.

This legacy is, today, what makes her thick. Liberians and the world-over call her “iron lady”. Others call her a “mother for all.” A unifying personality. This has brought about sanity, unity and stability in governance and even, in the private sector.

When she recently visited Nigeria and met President Muhammadu Buhari, she anchored the role of a mother of the Mano River Union countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. President Buhari, confided in her to rally round these countries to fight terrorism in West Africa. She did. She visited the two countries of Sierra Leone and Guinea on Friday 6 May, demonstrating her will in fighting terrorism.

The lasting impression of her stewardship for the past two- terms is this unifying factor of a country, once described as a death chamber onto one of stability and unity.

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