If I stop marijuana, I will soon die, says 95-year old woman smoker

Melita Gordon

Melita Gordon has been smoking for 85 years and refuses to put the pipe down despite the protests of her family, herb.com has reported. She began her connection to marijuana as a designated lighter for pipes for those in her family. As they were part of a Rastafari culture, the report has it that marijuana played a huge role in their belief system.

She was reaching ten years of age when, according to the report, she began this task as a designated lighter, although she was beginning her own private smoking rebellion. “Melita was very secretive about her smoking habits when she began smoking and neglected to tell her elders about it. However, she is now completely open, honest and proud of her marijuana use, and it doesn´t bother her at all that others disagree.”

The report has it further: “Melita says she has visited her doctor before to ask about her marijuana use, and his advice has been that she should continue using it. In fact, he thinks that her long life could end if she quits using the plant. So Melita has discounted all suggestions to stop smoking and has accepted the most important recommendation- from her doctor.

“Interestingly enough, the man she was married to for over 50 years never smoked marijuana and was more interested in alcohol. She says that her husband´s refusal to use marijuana has completely balanced out how much she has used in her lifetime, and she is quite confident that with her continued use of the pipe she is going to make it to 100 years old.

Another medium, knowledgeroom2.com reported reported at age 95, Jamaica‘s Melita Gordon can probably smoke most folks under the table.
And she won’t stop smoking ganja until she’s dead, because stopping could actually kill her.

“When mi go a doctor him say him nah tell mi fi stop smoke marijuana, because if mi stop, him a go lose mi,” Gordon told Green Rush Daily.

Gordon’s lifelong habit is happily endorsed by her primary care doctor, whose view is that Gordon’s journey to 100 years might be cut short if she lays down her pipe.

She says she became hooked on the habit of smoking marijuana when she was “baptized” in the practice by her parents, Michelle Jones and Richard Gordon, both of whom smoked marijuana.

Not everyone in Melita’s family today is, according to the website, happy with her smoking habits, however.

Credit: knowledgeroom2.com, herb.com

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