Lusaka riots spread

Lusaka riots spread

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 11:22 pm

Anti-riot policemen in Lusaka

Anti-riot policemen in Lusaka

Violent attacks targeted at foreign owned shops which broke out on Monday in the Zambian capital, Lusaka, continued on Tuesday spreading over a wider area in the city.

Police on Monday night quelled riots which broke out in Zingalume, George and Lilanda compounds, after residents ran amok, looting shops belonging to Rwandese nationals who they accused of being behind ritual murders in the area.

On Tuesday xenophobic attacks spread to Mandevu and Mutendere compounds where shops belonging to foreigners were looted before police moved in to control the situation.

Some residents in the affected areas claimed that President Edgar Lungu has failed to act on the spate of killings which claimed seven lives in what was suspected to be ritual murders.

Bodies of the victims were dumped in various neighbourhoods of Lusaka with missing body parts.

The rioting residents have threatened to take their protests to State House, alleging that they were living in fear.

Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja on Tuesday disclosed that over 200 paramilitary officers and an undisclosed number of officers from the “C-5 special squad” have been deployed to control the situation.

Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila told journalists that police were holding 11 suspects in connection with the spate of ritual murders that have rocked the capital city.

Mwila could not confirm if some of the detained suspects were foreigners, but disclosed that about 254 residents were in police custody for allegedly taking part in riotous behaviour.


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