UK fumes over Nigerian mum’s £145,000 health bill

UK fumes over Nigerian mum’s £145,000 health bill

Monday, March 21, 2016 1:56 pm

Bimbo with her quintuplets

Bimbo with her quintuplets

Britain’s National Health Service is fuming after medical tourists racked up over £65million bills, unpaid.

One of the cited notorious cases of rogue medical tourists is that of a Nigerian mother of quintuplets, Bimbo Ayelabola, whose care while she gave birth to quintuplets cost taxpayers £145,000.

Ayelabola, 38, travelled to the UK from Lagos in 2011 and needed a caesarean at Homerton Hospital in East London.

Bimbo Ayelabola

Bimbo Ayelabola

She returned to Nigeria without paying her bill and now works as a make-up artist in Lagos and drives a £17,000 car, the Mail Online said in a report today.

The report cited another medical tourist, an illegal migrants upon whom one hospital spent £181,000 treating.

Portsmouth Hospitals Trust wrote off the £181,000 bill, according to The Sun.

Another patient, a Ghanaian, was deported before a £42,000 bill was paid, leaving East and North Hertfordshire Trust to pick up the tab.

The NHS admitted last year that it had failed to collect £65 million from foreign nationals, although the figure is expected to be higher because many patients are never identified.

Guy’s and St Thomas’s Trust in London wrote off £5.1million treating patients from overseas, and unpaid bills cost Barts Health Trust £268,000.

One individual owes almost £500,000 to a top London hospital and another has received free kidney dialysis, three times a week, for nearly eight years, a Daily Mail investigation revealed.

Angus Dalgleish, a professor at St George’s, University of London, said ‘the abuse of this system must be stopped’

‘The cost is huge. No other healthcare system in the world could cope with it and the abuse of this system must be stopped.’

MigrationWatch UK chairman Lord Green said: ‘This is further evidence that the NHS is wide open to people who have no right to use it and make no contribution towards its costs.’

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