RRS busts teenage bike robbery gang

RRS busts teenage bike robbery gang

Sunday, March 13, 2016 6:06 pm

The teenage robbery gang, using a motor bike

The teenage robbery gang, using a motor bike

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

The operatives of the Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State Police Command have arrested three teenage robbers, who specialised in  using a motorcycle, called locally as “Okada” to stage  ‘snatch and run’.

Members of the gang comprising of Daniel Dali, 19; Emmanuel Ashaolu, 17 and Ikenna Bright, 17, were arrested on Friday at 10:48 p.m. in Ajegunle by the surveillance team of RRS on regular patrol of the area.

Dali, an okada rider from Cotonou and Ashaolu were reported to have snatched a hand bag from unidentified lady, an allegation they admitted at the RRS Headquarters in Alausa but unknowingly to them, the bag contained two wraps of “fufu” and stew.

Their victim shouted for help. This prompted the RRS team to pursue the duo on Okada leading to the arrest of Ashaolu while Dali escaped.The RRS team mobilized a decoy Team of RRS Intelligence who combed the area at the dead time of the night thus leading to the arrest of Dali, the Okada rider and Bright.

At the suspects’ apartment, two other roommates were also arrested but later released after cross examination by the RRS officials.

However, Dali on interrogation stated that he is the okada rider for the syndicate and that he started the business of okada snatch and run in April 2015 after the death of his mother.“

“My mother’s death forced me into robbery. My mother gave me everything I wanted, if I need anything, I go to her and she would provide it for me, even when I was working. After her death, I had no helper. I mean, there was nobody to turn to again. My father lives in the village in Cotonu but I don’t want to go back there.” The suspect said.

He added that. “I have been mobbed in an operation before and abandoned at Ago – Hausa, Ajegunle but woke up the following day. I have been involved in countless robbery operations”.

The suspect added that: “Bright and I have been to four operations. In one of our outings, we snatched a recharge card worth N35, 000.00. He sold it and gave me only N5000:00. Although, there are occasional instances when we get nothing from operations but we don’t use guns. We have never operated with guns. We snatch bags, phones and other belongings and escape with okada.”

“We have choice routes we operate. The areas we have operated are Boundary, Mile 2, New Roundabout, Wilma and Ajegunle. Emmanuel Ashaolu was operating with Poly before he joined me ” he also added.  The okada we use was bought for me by a lady. I pay her instalmentally. This is the third time, she would be buying for me. One was stolen at gun point, another, faulty and then this. I have only paid, N75,000 out of N300,000:00″ .

According to Nkenna Bright, he has only operated seven times. “During fuel crisis, we sucked fuel from vehicles parked on the streets to operate. Several boys do this business in Ajegunle. I know of a team, who live in different hotels, sleep in day time and operate at night. This is the only job they do to survive.

The suspects have been transferred to State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) for further investigation.

According to the PPRO, the suspects have given useful information that would lead to the arrest of more members of the gang.


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