Man v Machine: Google AlphaGo beats Korean champ again

Man v Machine: Google AlphaGo beats Korean champ again

Thursday, March 10, 2016 6:47 pm

Lee Sedol: loses again

Lee Sedol: loses again

Google’s computer program AlphaGo on Thursday again defeated South Korea’ Lee Sedol, the world human champion of the ancient Chinese board game Go in the second of a historic five-match game.

The result stunned the world about the computer’s ever-increasing abilities to surpass human skill, also fueling an upsurge of interest as well as concerns over such questions as: Will the brain of the CPU eventually outsmart that of humans? Will artificial intelligence (AI) replace humans one day?

It certainly has a number of top tech and science minds worried. But China’s Go grandmaster Ke Jie has made it clear: “AlphaGo is not in my match now.”

“I have to say I underestimated the mind power of AlphaGo prior to the first match,” said Ke, who holds a head-to-head record of eight wins and two losses against South Korean grandmaster Lee Sedol.

“Now facing AlphaGo, I do not feel the same strong instinct of victory when I play a human player, but I still believe I have the advantage against it. It’s 60 percent in favor of me.”

Ke is confident in himself for the moment regarding the human vs. machine duel, but he conceded AlphaGo may outsmart human players in the future.

“According to the pace of AI’s progress, it won’t be long before AlphaGo beats all human players, it may happen a few years later, even a few months later,” Ke said.

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