Mourinho’s furious moments after loss to Liverpool

Mourinho’s furious moments after loss to Liverpool

Saturday, October 31, 2015 5:19 pm

Jose Mourinho and crew after the match at Stamford Bridge; The last meeting

Jose Mourinho and crew after the match at Stamford Bridge: The last meeting?

Jose Mourinho, the coach who may lose his job, initially kept an unusual tight-lip at the post-match press conference after Chelsea slumped to a 1-3 loss to Liverpool on Saturday afternoon.

Pressed by Sky sport Des Kelly, he initially refused to say anything on the ,massive loss to Liverpool.

Des Kelly: Jose, a 3-1 defeat after a fabulous start. The game just got away from you there.
Jose Mourinho: I have nothing to say.
DK: Nothing to say at all?
JM: Nothing to say.
DK: Nothing to say about the Lucas decision that left him on the pitch?
JM: I have nothing to say.
DK: The Costa clash?
JM: I have nothing to say. I’m so sorry I have nothing to say.
DK: Do you not think it’s time to chat to the fans, give them some message, some indication of your thinking?
JM: They are not stupid.
DK: We heard them chanting your name.
JM: They are not stupid.
DK: You did say before this game that you were not worried, are you a little bit more worried now?
JM: No. Worried about what?
DK: Your future, your own position at the club, the backing of the board.
JM: No.
DK: Nothing about the game at all?
JM: Nothing.
DK: No individual performance you’d like to pick out?
JM: No.
DK: Nothing about the performance going ahead?
JM: Nothing.
DK: Nothing about the way we could fix it?
JM: I cannot say.
DK: Thank you for your time Jose.
JM: Thank you.

Jurgen Klopp’s men rallied from an early deficit to win 3-1 thanks to a brace from Philippe Coutinho and a late goal by Christian Benteke.

The Blues’ sixth league defeat of the season heaped the pressure on manager Jose Mourinho, whose position at the club seems to be under serious threat.

But Mourinho spoke later as a press conference. The transcript as provided by the Telegraph:

Do you think this was a demonstration of players who want to play for you and still want to execute what you want them to do?
“I have no doubt. If you saw some individual performances below a normal level, there were not many. I would say there were, a maximum, a couple. Even these ones, they suffered because they are not able to do more. The team is together.”

Jose, do you think this has been your last match here?
“No, I don’t.”

Jose, do you think the opposing manager was able to behave in a way if you had done it you would have been punished?

“You have doubts? “

What do you think?
“I cannot say because I’m punished.”

You said it to the fourth official [Lee Mason], ‘If that was me …’
And he told me ‘shut up’ or I’ll go out.”

Jose, do you think you’ll be given enough time to turn this around in the way you want to?
“Yes, I think (I will be able to).”

Do you take comfort from the fans’ backing?
“I take comfort, but what feeds me is not just the support of the fans, what feeds me is the recognition of our work. And the recognition of our work is just by getting results. I have some players who are really sad in the dressing room, and I’m full of respect for them. But we see it match after match, as professionals, that they’re not getting the respect they deserve. I don’t think we – myself and them – are not going to have a great Saturday dinner, even with families for sure. They have the same feelings that we have. And I’m really, really sorry with that lack of respect for officials.”

Who are you talking about the lack of respect, are you talking about the officials?
“You are all intelligent guys. If you want to write it, you write it. If you don’t want, you don’t want. Next press conference I will bring you nice glasses. Maybe you’ll see the game in a better way. Or I’ll give you some 5% of personality so you can say what you see. You are not afraid of it.”

What happens now?
“What happens now? I go home. I will find there a sad family. I will try to watch some of the rugby and disconnect a little bit from this, and then I will start preparing the training session for tomorrow morning and the game for Wednesday.”

Jose do you think Liverpool should have been down to ten men before it all went wrong?
“What do you think? You are not punished by the FA. I am punished if I tell you. You are not punished. Are you afraid of what? Of what?”

Did that contribute to the defeat?
“Now I am asking you: what do you think?”

Howard Webb has said [on BT Sport] Costa should have gone for kicking Skrtel and Lucas should have gone for the second yellow card.
“Howard Webb says … Howard Webb says.”

Jose, what can you do to stop the decline that you haven’t tried already?
“There are things that are out of our hands. The players, they tried. I think you could feel – not because we scored in the first couple of minutes, not because of that. You could feel the attitude, you could feel the desire, you could feel that the game was maximum, if you want to say 50-50. In spite of us winning 1-0 early on. Two minutes extra-time, we concede the goal on 2 minutes 35 seconds. And then, what happened second half, everything is a consequence of some crucial moments, moments that the stadium saw. The players more than see. The players feel it, they felt it.
And, from now, what happens is just a consequence.”

Will Mourinho still be in charge of the London club on Wednesday when they face Dynamo Kiev, in the Champions League?

Another shot of the Mourinho meeting

Another shot of the Mourinho meeting

Mourinho: Just what is he thinking about?

Mourinho: Just what is he thinking about?

Jose Mourinho: it's over/

Jose Mourinho: it’ over?

Chelsea midfield useless on a crucial day in Stamford Bridge

Chelsea midfield useless on a crucial day in Stamford Bridge

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