3-storey building collapses in Lagos

3-storey building collapses in Lagos

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 4:24 pm

Akin Kuponiyi

Rescue workers looking for survivors this morning

Rescue workers looking for survivors this morning

A three- storey building at 87,Odunfa street,Lagos island,Lagos state south west Nigeria, this morning partially collapsed.

There was no death toll at the moment, but five persons were evacuated injured.

According to a resident of the house, the collapsed house and other houses in that area had shown signs of possible collapse, with the Lagos State Urban Development Authority and other relevant Government authorities giving them, sealed notices. But the owners and the residents ignored the order.

At the time of the collapse, parts of the building were being renovated.

One of the residents said that if the incident had occurred during the night it could have been disastrous as close to 70 people lived there.

“Glory be to God that the incident occurred during the day time when majority of the tenants have gone for their daily routine and the children have gone to school.” he said

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